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Dream Job? A Fresh Graduate Gets Hired – On the Spot!

One of my very good clients and friends called a few years ago to ask that I give a coaching session to her son. He had just graduated from Cornell and had a few interviews scheduled for entry-level jobs. He was a charming, articulate, good-looking, and well-mannered young man. I


Pulling Back the Curtain on LA – A Great, Great, City

Last Friday, I had elective surgery at Cedars-Sinai and am recovering quite nicely. Everyone on that staff was world-class wonderful. In the evening, the phlebotomist came to visit. When she finished, I asked how long she had been with the hospital and quickly learned she is from Chicago and putting

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Without Insight, Your Tribe Can Make or Break You

We have that big announcement to make and there they are waiting for us. The Tribe. The problem is, tribes have rigid rituals and expectations, and when we break those rituals, they generally respond with some form of “You’re crazy.” For example, let’s say that we go home to the

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The Disappearance of The Middle Class?

What we have is the disappearance of task workers. This basic seismic shift is so frightening that many are doing what humans do. We point towards the symptom rather than the truth. Task based work is progressively becoming economically unsustainable. For those of us who do tasks, if we have

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About Yesterday

I have the pleasure of knowing some of the most spiritually advanced leaders in the world and most of them never mention politics in their posts, publishing or presentations. I’ve always admired them for that discipline. I did not join them because there continued to be parts of me that

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So, What is the Meaning of Life?

The game of being here seems to be there is no meaning to life except the meaning each and every one of us applies to our lives. This is why so many of us have our first existential crisis when we encounter mortality. In early 1990, everything in my life