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By David Harder on September, 24, 2017

The #1 Way to Get That Raise

Human beings are hard-wired to think about something other than themselves a maximum of 15 seconds. This science-based outlook turns pitch-selling on its head and the news also paves the way for a more enlightened approach towards getting a raise.

So, you are probably already thinking, “How does this relate to me?”

Employers, like all consumers, are looking to get as much value for every dollar as possible. Virtually every conversation connected to compensation is driven by a return-on-investment thought process. All too often, we approach the boss with the three big killers of getting that raise:

  • Entitlement
  • Righteousness
  • Victimhood

If we are approaching a boss with this type of energy, they will defensive, angry, or both. Candidly, if the relationship has reached the place where you are feeling any of these characteristics, it might just be time to dust off that resume and actually find greener pastures.

So, let’s return to the message that humans can only think about someone else for a maximum of 15 seconds. That means buyers are only interested in one outcome. They want fulfilled expectations. Ask for a meeting with the boss with the intention of finding and filling expectations. Tell her or him what you want to make. Now, it is time to ask, “What can I do for you and for this organization to earn that?” In other words, ask for a verbal contract. What can you do that would bring innovation to the environment, generate more revenue, save expenses, or develop stronger client relationships?

The answer might surprise you. All of us are looking to solve problems, grow our business and improve our lives. It might be helpful to remember:

  1. Don’t ask close-ended questions. When we ask yes or no questions, it is always easier to say “no.” Open-ended questions are much harder to dismiss and they generate information that is valuable in continuing the conversation towards a successful conclusion.
  2. Smile. Practice optimism. Be affirmative.

In many cases, you will be surprised just how effective this collaborative approach towards increasing your income can actually work. And, there will be cases where the truth actually inspires you to move forward into an environment where your real value is recognized and celebrated.

Brought to you by David Harder – Founder & President, Inspired Work, Inc.

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