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They’re out there:

The people who will transform your career, your business and your overall success.

Our unique training elevates social networking beyond mundane communications into an engagement that brings the people you want, into your life…quickly.

Welcome to Inspired Social Networking.

Turn Social Networking into your single most powerful source of business!

Inspired Social Networking is conducted in the comfort of your office or home. All that you need is a computer and a phone. We accept up to 20 virtual participants into each program.

Four two-hour sessions train and guide you into making improvements with every aspect of your social networking campaigns.

Week one – 

An Inspired Profile / Our development process brings you a profile that gives you the greatest confidence, joy and effectiveness.

Week two –

Inspired Communications / No more junk mail send outs, we show you how to stand-out and communicate in ways that are magnetic, compelling and utterly comfortable.

Week three – 

Building the engaged community / By now, your use of the process has delivered a variety of new and perhaps even exciting connections. We show you how to build the ones that you want into highly engaged relationships.

Week four –  

You have a new online brand, a new profile, new connections and a communications toolkit.

Now, we introduce you to news ways to create and build communities through online publishing, professional groups and endorsements.

From the Founder of Inspired Work, David Harder:


David HarderI came from a background in highly successful “high touch” business development. Initially, I was appalled with social networking. Much of it felt like junk mail with minimal actual business. After the financial crash of 2008, I was evaluating platforms for growing our business – again. From a cost perspective, social networking had great promise. Here is a platform that gets us past security guards and voicemail. It allows us to communicate directly with the people who can most help us. But, the day-to-day practice of social networking is impersonal. We developed an entirely new communications process that generates goodwill, interest and connectedness with others. We show our participants how to establish wonderful personal brands. For the truly ambitious, we give people the tools to quickly master online publishing as well as cutting edge emerging technology.


Today, these methods generate the largest portion of new business. Not long ago, I was having breakfast with a colleague and two major corporate clients. Suddenly one of them said, “This is all so wonderful and comfortable. How did we meet?”


All of us had met as a result of the processes we developed with Inspired Social Networking.

Words from Our Clients:


I came into the program as a recognized leader in the digital marketing profession. I felt that if I learned one or two things it would be valuable. The program is a surprising and unique take on using social networking to build an actively engaged community. Today, most of my new business comes by using the techniques from Inspired Social Networking.

Dave Roth – CEO, Emergent Digital


I first worked with David in his Inspired Social Networking program. After one session, I very quickly signed up for everything else. David’s particular genius is in helping you crystalize your best vision for yourself and bringing that about in the real world.

Luke Reichle – Award Winning Costume Designer
ABC’s hit series “Castle”