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Inspired Work serves successful leaders who have made a commitment become even more effective through learning and positive change. We develop leadership behavior and new competencies with strategic, communicative and personal branding.

Our company provides a variety of highly skilled consultants; all with more than ten years experience yielding successful results in C-level development.


Our Unique Value

Inspired Work produces the world’s most sophisticated group programs for work. The Inspired Work Program offers executive clients with the opportunity to leverage the value of their development package.

The difference between beginning one-on-one work before or after the program is literally night and day. The program produces life-changing insights and handles much of the “heavy lifting” that can occur in one-on-one assignments. As a result, the client comes into the coaching environment far more self-directed and able to get even more value from their work with us.

Every engagement is scalable and customized on a case-by-case basis.


Available services include:


  • Comprehensive Self-Assessment
  • 360 Interviews with 6-10 stakeholders directly impacted by the executive
  • Creation of a development overview carefully outlining the current and desired states
  • The Inspired Work Program (Two-day)
  • Post Program debriefing with a set of coaching objectives
  • Development of a fully customized personal brand
  • Development of presentation and media skills
  • Development of a business or strategic plan
  • Access to a variety of C-level executive mentors


Our programs are available in 3, 6 and 12 months packages.

All communications are confidential.

Fees are based on customized packages.