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Inspired Work for Organizations

They are about to win the race. This is the boat with the fully enthused and well coordinated crew.

Each member will look upon this moment as a turning point, a win unlike any other.

All they accomplished will remain in their minds - forever.

Employee Engagement

Leadership Development and employee surveys are helpful in building employee engagement. But, these improvements do little to touch the deep-seated disengagement of 87% of the world’s workers. Inspired Work provides the only program that impacts each and every worker by instilling positive change and improvement within forty-eight hours.


Personal transformation is the missing piece in virtually all engagement initiatives. By establishing engagement within intact teams, we introduce the democracy solution, an environment where everyone has the skills and commitment to change and engage.


Inspired Leadership

Every customized program uses the existing business challenges, the current and desired state of each leader and an immersive experience that connects with stakeholders in positive ways. We teach leaders how to use great questions to access the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, to better define the truth and to produce the connections that drive superior performance.

The deliverables include:

  1. Across-the-board business breakthroughs
  2. A fully personalized leadership brand
  3. A unique and far more effective 360 learning experience

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Executive Development

Only Inspired Work provides a sophisticated and immersive two-day program at the beginning of most executive development assignments. The program solves many of the challenges that would traditionally be consumed by one-on-one coaching. The results from participating in The Inspired Work Program elevates the value of one-on-one development.

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Transformative Skill Building

Inspired Social Networking

Most people will never tap into the full potential of social networking.

Graduates of Inspired Social Networking are able to build extensive communities filled with the right kinds of contacts. They emerge from the program with a highly personalized online brand and the capacity to make new connections and spin them into highly engaged relationships – quickly.

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Inspired Sales

We replace the “pitch” with a highly effective consultative approach that uncovers the needs and expectations of every prospective account. Unlike many 3-5 day programs, Inspired Work delivers better results with only one day of actual training. Every participant receives a full learning and design system that supports long-term excellence.

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