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Today’s most effective leaders recognize the individual, galvanize the collective and build engagement with every stakeholder. They ask questions that uncover our needs & expectations. They ask questions that rekindle our creativity and provoke innovation. They use the information to underpin meaningful and valuable change. Based on a wide range of studies, only seven percent of our leaders have these skills. Inspired Leadership produces leaders with these characteristics in one month.

Many leadership programs use fictional scenarios as educational tools. Inspired leadership isn’t a lecture; it is a total immersion in the experience of leadership within your business. Participants transform into leaders in front of your very eyes. Socrates believed that if you ask people the right questions, they come to their own truth. The Inspired Leadership program applies customized Socratic questions that lead all participants to the truth about their business, the market around them and towards each of their stakeholders. The results are immediate and sustainable. Inspired Leadership programs are customized to perfectly fit the business needs at hand. Here’s how it works:



Inspired Leadership begins with a customized Socratic curriculum. Our programs are designed after thoroughly evaluating the current business & cultural state of your organization and by defining the ideal business & cultural outcome. Every aspect of each participant’s business life and leadership style is evaluated.


Inspired Leadership Preparation

Traditional 360s shield the executive from a valuable learning experience. Participants are given eight to twelve assigned interviews. Each one is customized to glean the information that is most valuable for the participant to hear. Taking place over the month, this immersive experience produces a new leadership competency, extracts valuable business information and provides extraordinary insights in how the individual can become a much better leader.


Inspired Leadership Event

The participants arrive at this two-day seminar with an unexpected level of initiative. Three significant outcomes emerge from the group program:


Leadership Brand
Faith and trust are earned through consistent behavior. Each participant crafts a highly defined, authentic and effective brand identity. The brand emerges easily using the insights from the interviews and sophisticated Socratic exercises. Each brand is presented to the colleagues in a focus group setting.


Each participant defines a series of commitments towards the organization, their peers and their stakeholders. The commitments are presented in a focus group setting and an executive summary is prepared by the client organization.


Support Systems
The most successful people in the world have diverse and effective support systems. During the Inspired Leadership program, participants design better support systems. Most of them make new support commitments towards their peers.