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If human beings are able to think about something other than themselves for 15 seconds,

Pitch selling is about as effective a communications device as this old TV.

For many years, sales training told us to make a pitch and overcome objections.


No wonder so many people are afraid about engaging in sales.


The most effective form of selling is referred to as consultative sales.


In it, we don’t make pitches and the prospective client or buyer is the center of our attention. All of our energy is focused in defining how we are going to serve them, solve their problems and/or improve their lives.


Most consultative sales training programs are costly and take three to five days.


Inspired Sales produces a transformative outcome in one full day (live) or four two-hour modules (virtual).


You learn a new form of sales communication that is fully personalized, comfortable and simple to use.


During your face-to-face experience with Inspired Sales, we teach you three types of questioning processes and two communications techniques. The rest of our time together is centered on personalizing the techniques to fit your style.


The outcome is as pleasant and easy as a walk on the beach.


You are no longer pushing anything, or overcoming objections, this process projects total respect towards the individual in front of you.


The result?




Who Should Attend:


  • Sales professionals that have a pitch-oriented style
  • New business owners
  • Therapists
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Attorneys
  • CPAs