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In 1990, we introduced the Inspired Work Program to the world.


In the years since, over 50,000 people have made profound improvements in their relationship with work.


Every outcome is unique and detailed. Over 92% of our participants take action on their new discoveries in the first week. Unlike any career or work development product, the outcome is based on each participant’s truth.


In other words, this is not an advice or assessment-driven experience. For most, the program is the first time an individual gets to define their lives based on their truth.


Based on history, many of you are finding that hard to believe. Jump-in and you will discover the truth has always been in there, but a bit of organization sure helps!


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Inspired Work participants are taken into an experience that defines their best possible relationship with their work. Thousands of people have used the program to make career changes, solve existential problems with their careers, and develop the confidence to cause rather than trying to catch up to change.


The Inspired Work Program covers the following areas, and the process gives participants clear insight in how one category influences others:


  • Our Ideal Role
  • Mission, Vision, and Purpose
  • Platform (Job or Business)
  • Existing Life Skills and the Ones We Need
  • Literacy and Awareness About Work
  • Behavior
  • Support System


Then, we give our participants a series of questions that lead to unique outcomes for every participant. As we continue, each participant’s answers lead to another related topic. A picture emerges, and like DNA that doesn’t belong to anyone else.


Like most every journey, we do whatever it takes for participants to feel safe. Every participant signs a confidentiality agreement, no one is pressured to “share,” and chat can be used for any sensitive issues.


The success of our participants comes from providing insights and short descriptions of the way each topic influences the other.


The magic is that we provide questions that each participant answers in the privacy of their home or office. The questions come in manageable bites and are linked together so a clear picture emerges.


So, What’s New?

Let’s begin with a value proposition unlike any other.


We have moved our learning and talent development programs to, where memberships are free. There are no hidden agendas.


Inspired Work continues for individuals and organizations that want or need customized support.


Why? A word from David Harder, co-founder of

Before our first program, if someone had come to me and suggested I would be doing Inspired Work for 32 years, I would have smiled, and quietly fled the country.


In every program, there is a moment where we can see someone has connected-the-dots between what the heart mind and soul want, and couple that to practical understanding. This moment has never grown old.


We didn’t expect Inspired Work would serve organizations because we could not anticipate so many graduates would bring us into their organizations. Our first sent several thousand people to the program, where we learned that transitions could become spectacular turning points.

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About ten years ago, I began to feel that our country’s talent was falling out of step with change. But it is the turmoil that has swept through our country that has impacted us the most. About half of our country’s workers deal the daily struggle of unemployment. Even more have lost confidence in how they will translate what they have to the needs and expectations of a new workplace. Most of all, we are troubled that the emerging workplace is better in every way but we lack the career literacy to find it.


There are two roadblocks in front of us. I believe each roadblock is incapable of changing with enough speed to make a difference:


We have a school system that continues to prepare our kids for the Industrial Revolution.


We live with political campaigns (all parties) that rely on focus groups to craft the promises they will make to their constituents. This comes at a time when making promises make matters worse. We need guidance.


From this day forward, workskunk is the destination for people to develop the skills and mindsets to become members of the work that is growing and part of the solution rather than the problem. Inspired Work is for our clients and friends that want customized support.


Why is this such a value proposition?


Much of the heavy lifting is handled in workskunk’s programs.


We especially encourage that you participate in The Inspired Work Program because every aspect change becomes easier and how we use our time becomes far simpler. Any financial investment with Inspired Work or other unlimited resources can be made with confidence.


What we most want for everyone is taking action rather than waiting for another promise to be fulfilled.


I have always wanted everyone who works, to have access to The Inspired Work Program.


I want to see that well before I’m playing harp music on high.


Rather than waiting, let’s discover the new career literacy, together.

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