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If you are looking to transform your relationship towards work, to break through the landscape of spectacular change, or simply find your optimum what’s next, you are in the right place.


We offer clients personalized ideal self-definition and the skills to update that definition continuously. If this sounds esoteric, let’s be a little blunter. The ability to define all that you have grown into, to define how you want to use that value, and to clarify the best options in moving forward is critical in having a fulfilling work life, especially in a world of ever accelerating change. This is how we stamp out any and all forms of underemployment. Learn how to fuel positive change from within.


Quite simply, our clients navigate towards the work solutions that bring out the best in them and deliver the most fulfillment. We promise this deliverable through the most sophisticated form of self-inquiry available on the market – The Inspired Work Program.

Over 43,000 participants have used the program to redefine work around their values, standards, and truth with immediate and actionable outcomes. Our clients launch exciting new careers, start businesses often for the first time, reinvent existing careers, and solve a long-term challenge on-the-spot.


Expect to leave with access to a new global community that has shared your immersive experience.

Services for Individuals

The Inspired Work Program

Over 42,000 professionals have used The Inspired Work Program to redesign their work lives and to improve their overall satisfaction, effectiveness, and value. The program is delivered in Los Angeles on a monthly basis and is available in other markets via client organizations and strategic partners.


Unless impractical, we recommend new clients participate in the program prior to beginning one-on-one support. So much is accomplished in the two days that all other services become more directed and valuable. The mission, vision, and purpose of each client become crystalline clear and actionable.  Hence, marketing, developing new communities, and using any learning programs simply become more effective.

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Inspired Consulting

Many would refer to Inspired Work’s one-on-one support as coaching. We prefer a more musical word: Orchestration


We are here to orchestrate the success of our client’s vision, aspirations, and needs. Our support extends well beyond a simple career or business facilitation. Often, we access our global community to produce connections that lead to dream jobs, new business, strategic partnerships, and securing key talent. Our approach to orchestrating the success of each client is based on customizing a right-sized response to the needs, expectations, and aspirations of each client.


Over the years, this customized approach has led to thousands of successful career transitions, new businesses, unique community initiatives, even successful new authors, actors, producers, and designers.


One-on-one support is available to individuals and client organizations throughout the world. These services can be delivered in person or using virtual platforms such as Skype or Zoom.


Individuals use one-on-one services for:


  • Career Marketing

Inspired Work offers the expertise from decades of successful coaching and placement of professionals in all walks-of-life. Our services include:


  1. Preparation of resumes and all marketing strategies
  2. Guidance throughout the search process
  3. Introductions with appropriate employers and placement professionals
  4. The development of a lasting professional support system.
  5. Effective onboarding with new positions.


  • Business Start-Ups

Using the Harvard “Lean-Start Up” model, consultants guide new business owners in developing business and marketing plans quickly and efficiently. This approach is far less costly and appropriate with today’s rapidly changing landscapes.


Developing the right support system is the single most important indicator of success for a new business venture. Inspired Work orchestrates success by finding and introducing key resources for the business owner, a unique aspect of our professional muscle and a reflection of the size and depth of our community.


  • Business Development & Marketing Campaigns

Inspired Work designs comprehensive business and marketing campaigns for small to medium businesses. These campaigns can be conducted on behalf of the client or designed and implemented with the client’s team.


Other Services and Learning Programs


Inspired Personal Brands

The purpose of a personal brand is to create consistency and faith with our clients, our market, our employees and other stakeholders. It is not a superficial elevator pitch. Real brands tell others how we are made, how we work, what we contribute, how we engage with others as well as our morals, values, and ethics. The brands are so authentic that clients can tell them consistently and without effort.


At the beginning, we conduct an extensive interview with the client to define “how they tick” and how to best portray their value to the rest of the world. After writing the brand, the client is always surprised, often moved and excited to use a message that captures all of them, the essence of who they are. Each time, the client doesn’t need to tell the entire story! He or she uses aspects of the brand that is relevant to each conversation at hand.



Inspired Social Networking

The vast majority of Inspired Work clients find great value in the Inspired Social Networking Program. Delivered virtually or live, the program elevates the experience of using social networking into a magnetic and attractive process that attracts the very people you want as managers, clients, or friends.


Many clients graduating from this experience indicate they get most of their new business using the techniques developed in this unique program.


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Inspired Sales

Human beings are hard-wired to be able to think about something other than themselves for a maximum of 15 seconds.


This means pitch selling is the most ineffective form of getting business!


When a seller or a buyer becomes uncomfortable about sales, they are thinking about getting or giving a pitch.

We show you how to get business by asking great questions.


Inspired Sales is a one-day consultative sales training that transforms the way people feel about selling. The focal point is only on the needs and expectations of the prospect or client and the techniques are comfortable, effective and remove much of the discomfort so many people have around this topic.


In the new work world, everyone needs to be a salesperson. Inspired Sales brings that to you in a way that is surprisingly easy to learn and use.


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