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From a time perspective, work is the biggest relationship that we have.


We invest much of our waking hours getting ready for work, getting to work, being at work and recovering from it.


As a result, the quality of our relationship towards work impacts the quality of every other relationship in our lives.


The Inspired Work Program is far more than a “what am I going to do with my life?” program.


It is a life changing process that turns you into a skilled designer of your life.


Most of us were pushed to pursue survival and predictability in making career choices. Inspired Work’s curriculum is based on raising our standards. Common sense dictates that basing our work on happiness includes making a good living and having a good life. Hence, our approach is vigorous and is not finished until we’ve attained intellectual, emotional and spiritual satisfaction.


Results from The Inspired Work Program include:


  • A clear, compelling, actionable, personalized mission, vision, and purpose
  • A curriculum that that supports positive change for the balance of your professional life
  • A vital new support system and community
  • The ability to anticipate and initiate positive career change more quickly and more effectively


Comments from our participants:

“I was on a plane on 9/11 flying over New York. My wife and I moved the family to Los Angeles right away. The west coast had tugged at our hearts for a long time. I got here without a job. After encountering Inspired Work, everything fell together. For the last ten years, I’ve been on the cutting edge of work in the media and technology industries. I get to work with brilliant people. I come home to my children with a big smile on my face. My kids emulate me because they love what they see and I love my life.”


Larry Schwartz – SVP – Max Sound Corporation

“My husband and I attended one of the first Inspired Work Programs in the early 90’s. John had just lost an executive role after 20 years. He worked for a bank that was imploding. He was very worried about finding a new role in his 50’s. By the second day, everything changed for him. He stood up and announced he had loved the art world his entire life. Now, he was going to put his energy there. John passed away eighteen years later. Every day, he walked out the door with a smile on his face. He accomplished and built so much in those years. He found his life’s work.”


Kerstin Morgan – Northern Trust