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The Inspired Work Program is a two-day seminar that produces measurable improvements in each participant’s relationship towards work. For most of us, work is the biggest relationship that we have. The Inspired Work Program produces across-the-board breakthroughs in our relationship towards work.

Every participant reaches a comprehensive “Gestalt” of that includes:

  1. A compelling, personalized and updated definition of our purpose and role in life
  1. The four behaviors that are common to people succeeding in every area of their lives
  1. A vivid spotlight on all of our professional options
  1. A toolkit that provides clear and practical methods to succeed in what we most want to do with our lives
  1. Insight in how to exploit rather than become swallowed by change



After making confidentiality agreements, each participant is asked to define what they want to accomplish during the program. The Inspired Work Program is equally segmented into Education, Socratic Exercises and Discussion.

What are the aspects of a great relationship towards work?

  1. We examine our professional lives and come to the truth about what is meaningful and what gives us a clear sense of purpose.
  1. In modern times, we grow so quickly that it is crucial that we regularly redefine and reinvent How do we use this curriculum to promote continuous change?
  1. We examine our standards about work. Unfortunately, most people settle for predictability and survival. The industrial revolution promised these standards. Many of our families conditioned us to pursue predictability and survival over satisfaction and success. As standards, predictability and survival are fairly mediocre.
  1. Once we define what we want to do with our lives, our success is purely based on the quality of support that we build.
  1. We examine the most common life skills that are missing in the American worker.
  1. Socrates believed that you could bring an individual to truth by asking the right questions. A presentation is made in how to effectively use the Socratic process to exceed their expectations of the program.


Outcome of Program Segment:

Most participants realize they have been conditioned to look at work in ways that are limiting. Many reach conclusions they have not defined how to have a great relationship towards work. The introduction is designed to motivate each participant to engage in a rigorous self-inquiry.

Four Filters that Sabotage Change:

All of us have been conditioned, since birth, to use four filters that sabotage changing ourselves at all. We find the same filters are used in organizations to resist change.

Outcome of Program Segment:

The Inspired Work Program leads each participant into the truth. In the early days of the program, we found participants using these filters to avoid self—inquiry. By introducing this information early in the Inspired Work Program, each participant is more aware of how to deepen the results of their work.

The Four Real Reasons We Are Afraid of Change:

We have found four reasons people are afraid to change themselves as well as their organizations. From the moment we choose to change, four events have to happen in order to reach success. Each event is more frightening than the one before. As a result, many of us don’t even begin the change process and some of us stop before we succeed.

Outcome of Program Segment:

We eliminate the language that keeps participants from making that first step towards self-definition. For the balance of the program, everyone is asked to push themselves to the truth. Many have described awakenings in a variety of areas while examining the “Steps to Success” chart.

Each one of these steps can be mastered through skill building. As a result, participants realize how missing even one critical life skill has stifled their growth and success. Now, they are even more prepared to go for the mission and vision that is most compelling because they see how to build the very skills that will bring that mission and vision to life.

FIRST WRITTEN EXERCISE – A Surprising New Standard

Those of us who were conditioned to seek predictability and survival often miss the boat with fulfillment, financial success, a sense of purpose and meaning. The Inspired Work Program’s first written exercise introduces a new standard that is so surprising and engaging participants are pushed to raise the bar throughout their lives.

Outcome of Program Segment:

Participants are invested and ready to take the “deep dive” into the afternoon’s writing exercises and dialogues.



Upon returning to the program, the participants are engaged in three Socratic/Discussion sessions. Each one begins with answering five to twelve questions. The questions are arranged so that everyone paints a clear picture of the needs, challenges and solutions in each aspect of their relationship towards work.

The Three Socratic Question Sessions Include:

  1. Capabilities and Skills
  1. Current state (Problems / Skill Deficits / Potential Solutions)
  1. Mission – Vision – Purpose


After each writing session, participants are encouraged to discuss their insights, challenges and to work with the facilitators in designing solutions.

Outcome of Program Segment:

Participants come away from the afternoon session with much greater clarity in how they can improve their work, they are far more aware of the problems and challenges that need to be resolved in order to reach greater fulfillment and they are prepared for the solution work of the second day.


The Participants are given an exercise that assists them in defining their most important commitment. They are asked to bring this commitment into the program on the second day. The action allows us to gently shift gears into the practical side of moving forward.




The first hour is devoted to participants sharing their commitments and their needs in attaining success. We discuss life skills and focus on solutions


Four Success Behaviors

Robert Maurer, the Director of Behavioral Science at UCLA Medical, conducted an international study that identified the four behaviors common to people who are succeeding in every area of their life. Where many success programs are focused on money, the study group was successful with their careers, romantic lives, finances, families, physical and emotional health.

What are the four behaviors?

How do they impact every aspect of a successful professional life?

How do we learn them?

The success behaviors link back to the Four Reasons We Are Afraid of Change and provide further understand how to take a unique vision and bring it to life.

Two Socratic Question Sessions:

  1. Commitment & Obstacles
  1. Solutions


Outcome of Morning Session:

Tremendous momentum is taking place. Participants are defining practical applications to the insights of the previous day. The presentation of the Four Success Behaviors often provide that final “push” for each participant to realize how to change and improve so they can have a great relationship with work.


Focus Group:

Each participant is given an opportunity to come up to the front of the room and present their vision. The facilitator and fellow participants provide feedback that assists them in effectively presenting their breakthroughs.

Outcome of Focus Group:

It prepares the participants in presenting the breakthroughs to their colleagues, friends and family members. Very often, participants are inspired to work on their presentation and sales skills after the program.


Support Systems:

By now, each participant has a very clear definition in terms of what they want to accomplish and how they want to grow. The one ingredient in making it all come together is in building the right kind of support system. The participants listen to a presentation about the power of support systems and engage in a Socratic process where they literally design new support systems for their vision.

Outcome of the Afternoon Session:

Participants emerge from the program with practical clarity in how they are going to change their lives and improve their relationship towards work. The support design provides a personalized avenue for taking the insights from the two days and building sustainable success out in the professional world.