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Perception Matters


Real success requires more than words. In fact, over 90% of our success is based on how we are perceived. Inspired Presentationsprovides the skills to make great presentations in front of a room and in front of a camera.

Inspired Presentations takes a fully customized approach to each individual and corporate client. Offering state-of-the-art curriculum and technology, Inspired Presentations is available online, in one-on-one coaching as well as one and two-day training programs.


Every engagement supports five promises:


1 – Understand

We’ll show you how to make your messages easier for your audience to understand you.


2 – Remember

We’ll give you the tools to help listeners remember what you said.


3 – Action

We’ll give you the strategies and systems so your audience can actually act on what you said.


4 – Pass On To Others

Very hard for most speakers, we can turn you into someone that others want to talk about. This compelling skill is most important to spread messages through an organization or create that all-important word of mouth.


5 – Look and Sound Better

We’ll make sure you have both style and substance when you speak.



Many consider Inspired Work’s strategic partner, Jess Todtfeld to be the nation’s leading presentation and media skill development trainer. He has trained CEO’s, Presidents, Prime Ministers, bestselling authors, entrepreneurs and business development executives in virtually every country.


“Training with Jess Todtfeld has boosted my confidence in my media skills to a new level.” 

– Kevin Connell, President, CEO, and founder, Accu-Screen, Inc.