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2021 - The Year to Transform Work
By David Harder on December, 22, 2020

2021 – The Year to Transform Work

This year, I realized that it really doesn’t matter whether I trust God or not. God goes on. But, I have learned that when I trust all will turn out and that spirit is right here, it is far easier to be happy.


For years, many of our participants have become one-on-one clients. And then close friends. They come through our programs to define in deep detail what they want to do with their lives. Many take that and move forward without my direct involvement. It doesn’t matter how my one-on-one clients practice their spirituality, but I always tell them mine.


There are no guarantees in life. It is far better than waiting for success; we center our energy on improving the probability of success. True optimism is the mindset of believing our actions will lead to good outcomes. Action is almost always the beginning of success. But, when we turn the results over to God, I’m always surprised.


Many of my clients have become dear friends. I’m always surprised at what happens when each takes action, trusts the outcome, and doesn’t over-manage the results. The author came for my help to move from corporate communications to a fully successful author. He gets better deals than me and is writing a new book on an island that I hope to one day in the future, spell correctly.


I think of another dear friend. You know who you are. She left a big studio job. Her imagination is wildly productive, and she uses it like magic. In our time together she never once responded to change with cynicism or contempt. I often say that when someone gets on the right path, we can’t decide whether they are playing or working. Her outcome included moving to work for one of the biggest entertainment icons in Europe. The last time we visited, her new life is filled with so much joy, that she skips through London.


I’m so ready for this year to be over. It is also the year in which we changed how we reach people by working harder than ever and turning the results over to God.


What do I want for you?

  • Full employment.
  • Work that matters.
  • Work that is an extension of your real purpose.
  • I want you to skip down the street.
  • Remember there is always a solution, especially when we look.


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