Like many baby boomers, Karen initially did the obvious and pursued a Masters Degree in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University. When she arrived at the Inspired Work Program, the conversation was about launching a consultancy or finding a job that would help with the very kind of change that ended Karen’s career at CNN.

But, something else happened.

A life long photographer, Karen had intuitively developed a technology process that takes everyday images and turns them into art. In one particular moment she reached in her bag and pulled out an image.

The room came to a standstill.


Frankie Orginal


Fankie Final

In the months since, Karen has become an alchemist spinning photographic images into works of art that can be printed on canvas, become a series of gift items as well as beautiful imagery for businesses.

Karen produces these results within hours.

I am always moved when someone finds what they are really meant to do. Karen Bonsignore’s face, body language and energy all light up when she uses this unique gift. By feeding and nourishing that gift, she is launching her new business today:

Food for Thought Style

Visit the website at: (Click Here)

In it, you will find opportunities to create unique and deeply personal gifts for you and your loved ones.

You will also find beautiful gallery renderings and products for your home.

If you have a business, Food for Thought Style offers unique imagery for brand development, marketing collateral, graphic design and seasonal consumer products. To simplify the value equation think “painting quality imagery in a fraction of the time and cost.”

Karen Bonsignore is a living testament that when we identify our unique gift, the world changes for the better.

“This experience required a bit of courage because I had to step out of many of the norms in my life. The Inspired Work Program uncovered a desire in me that was so deep, there really wasn’t an alternative. I am overjoyed about this work and the way it touches people’s lives as well as my life. The great value of the Inspire Work Program is that what I really wanted came to the surface and the practical way of bringing to life also came together. That combination is magic.”

Karen Bonsignore is an example of our best work.


Want Inspired Work? 

Join Us Before the Year is Over!

The Inspired Work Program is being delivered in Los Angeles on:

November 14 & 15 or December 5 & 6

Work, for most of us, is the biggest relationship that we have.

The Inspired Work Program has led over 42,000 into great relationships with their work. In fact, this is the most advanced group program for those of us who work.

Our method is a Socratic process linked to a science-based model that is all about defining the best possible relationship you can have with your work. During this immersive experience, you will define all that you want to accomplish with such clarity that your outcome is immediate, actionable and unique.

Your experience of positive change is initiated by our curriculum. More tellingly, you leave with a skill set that helps you continue to initiate valuable growth rather than being swallowed by the waves of change.

Life is short. Our relationship towards work plays a significant factor of whether or not we are leading fulfilling and effective lives.

We hope you join us. Let’s usher in a truly New Year – together!
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