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By David Harder on June, 27, 2015

A Letter From David Harder

Years ago, I interviewed the late Howard House – Founder of the House Ear Institute, which has restored hearing to hundreds of thousands of people. I asked why he continued to come to the clinic in his 90’s.

His response was immediate, “I want to see our patients faces when they hear for the first time.”

For many of us who find our life’s work, the newness of a miracle never wears off. All of us are here to live up to a purpose. It can emerge in a healing, an innovation, a quiet breakthrough, touching others in life changing ways, a work of art and helping a child get onto the right path.

For years, I have been given the privilege of watching the moment when everything comes together for one of our participants as the course of a newer and better life emerges. And, like Howard House, the joy of that moment never grows old.

In the years since we started our programs, I’ve watched thousands of people define new careers, build fulfilling relationships with their existing jobs or take off ways no one anticipated. I’ve watched people start their first business and others become for more enthused and engaged with the work. I’ve watched many end the conflict between their personal and professional sides.

Nothing is forced because it comes from their truth not mine.

Often, I am asked, “Who are the ideal candidates for the program?”

The Inspired Work Program is for anyone who feels a need to let go of the past and create the meaningful work of today.

It is for anyone who recognizes that work is where we spend most of our waking hours and that bringing fulfillment and joy to that time will positively impact every relationship around us.

It is for those of us who want to develop mastery in responding to the rapid changes around us.

The program works for anyone who is interested in stepping out of predictibility and survival.

It is for all of us to develop a competitive edge.

Because the curriculum wraps itself around each individual, every outcome is unique.

Join us for two days – July 18 & 19 and define the person you have grown. The results are so practical that you can put that new definition to work immediately.

We promise that you will have a wonderful time.

We promise that you will be thrilled that you joined us.

Call (310) 277-4850 to enroll and visit our site for more information:  (Click Here)