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By David Harder on April, 27, 2015

A Letter From David Harder Regarding The Inspired Work Program

Years ago, I interviewed the late Howard House – Founder of the House Ear Institute, which has restored hearing to hundreds of thousands of people. I asked why he continued to come to the clinic in his 90’s.

His response was immediate, “I want to see our patients faces when they hear for the first time.”

The breakthroughs and innovations that occur with participants of The Inspired Work Program is the single most moving aspect of my career. It never grows old – only better.

In the years since we started our programs, I’ve watched thousands of people define new careers, build fulfilling relationships with their existing jobs, resolve the conflict between their personal and professional lives. I’ve witnessed the birth of thousands of innovative new businesses. I’ve watched people find the work they were born to do. I’ve been around when young people get on the right path with the first step and baby boomers when they find vital new adventures.

Often, I am asked, “Who are the ideal candidates for the program?”

Well, the ones who most need it are usually ambivalent and cynical. We are especially excited when skeptics walk in our door.

Highly successful people appreciate our promise and enroll easily.

In truth, The Program is for anyone who wants a far more successful, vivid, engaged and fulfilling relationship towards their work.

Because the curriculum wraps itself around each individual, every outcome is unique.

The Program is for anyone who wants to identify the superficial conditioning that has been imposed on them by others; conditioning that can obscure the real possibilities of life.

There isn’t much to lose here:  Two days.

Two days to define the person you have grown into.

Two days to design how you are going to apply that definition in your life.

Two days to break free from many of the restrictions that you didn’t even know you have.

Two days to become a more modern and engaged professional.

Two days to bring renewal into the biggest relationship that you have – work.

Two days come home from work – with a smile on your face.

The results won’t wear off.

Because they are real.

On May 2 & 3, join us in The Inspired Work Program.

We will be at the beautiful Luxe Summit Hotel in Los Angeles.

Since each outcome is unique, please feel free to call our office and discuss what The Inspired Work Program could bring to your life or to anyone near you.

All the best,

David Harder

President & Founder

P:  (310) 277-4850


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