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By David Harder on November, 4, 2013

A letter from david harder (Why we do it?)

During an interview with Newsweek, the journalist took a detour and asked, “You sound so excited about your own work, what do you love the most?”

That was easy: “I get to be in the presence of miracles.”

In the years since we started our programs, I’ve watched thousands of people define new careers, build fulfilling relationships with their existing jobs, resolve the conflict between their personal and professional lives. I’ve witnessed the birth of thousands of innovative new businesses. I’ve watched people find the work they were born to do. I’ve been around when young people get on the right path with the first step and older people find vital new ventures.

The source of these breakthroughs is the truth within each participant.  Hence, the results don’t wear off. We simply ask the questions that organize your inner desires and aspirations into action.

On December 7 & 8, we are delivering the last Inspired Work Program for 2013.

This is the holiday gift for anyone who wants to enter the New Year with unexpected renewal and an innovative approach towards getting more out of life.

Since each outcome is unique, please feel free to call our office and discuss what it could mean for you or a friend.

All the best.