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By David Harder on December, 17, 2014

A unique start for a truly new year!


January 10 & 11, 2014

What would happen if you were happy all of the time?

No, we’re not talking about the kind of happiness that fades from sameness. We are proposing happiness that never really wears out because life is using everything you have and want to give.

Great happiness begins by having a wonderful relationship with our work. After all, we spend most of our waking hours getting ready for it, being at it, driving home and recovering from it. The way we feel about our work influences every other aspect of life.

The Inspired Work Program gave thousands of people a snapshot, a fully personalized definition of loving what they do and consequently having greater passion and joy.

Perhaps the biggest practical gift you will take from the program is a new ability to actually change in the ways that matter to you.

To spin a finer point on this benefit:

Our curriculum gives you the tools to fluidly change and take benefits of progress, to develop an enthusiasm for growth rather than a fear of change.

Ready for a truly new year?

Join us at The Inspired Work Program on January 10 & 11. You will be with us at the beautiful Luxe Summit Hotel in Bel-Air. You will be surrounded by impressive professionals and become part of a community 42,000 strong – filled with individuals leading vividly unique lives.

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Better yet, call our offices and discuss what you most want out of your professional life.

Raise your expectations. The Inspired Work Program is more than a resolution.

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