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By David Harder on October, 15, 2017

A Whole New Form of Social Networking


Inspired Social Networking 


Begins on Wednesday, November 8 from 4-6 p.m.


Regardless of how skilled you are with social media, Inspired Social Networking will elevate how you experience the process and transform your results. The program blends the best of high-touch business development practices with straightforward online technology to build targeted relationships with the very people that you want in your circle. Inspired Social Networking is used by beginners and seasoned digital marketing professionals. In fact, a number of our clients use this methodology as their primary business development platform.


Inspired Social Networking takes place in four easy virtual sessions. To ensure the highest-quality attention, each program is limited to twenty participants.


What to expect:

Week One (11/8) – Inspired Online Branding


Prior to this session, Inspired Work will forward an evaluation of your existing profile on LinkedIn. This prepares for a deep dive with improving your online presentation and brand. We provide extensive course material and collectively design a profile that makes even you excited!


Week Two (11/15) – Inspired Community-Development


Once we define what we want out of lives, careers or businesses, our success is based on the quality of our support systems. You design the very communities that will bring you the perfect job, career, book deal, film deal, mentor, business intelligence, resources, and clients. So, rather than filling your community with clutter, you fill it with the people that will actively help you succeed. The payoff? By the end of this week, you will have several new connections that fit the promise.


Week Three (11/29) – Inspired Relationships


If there was a “secret sauce” to Inspired Social Networking, this is the week. Most of us have become used to the rather faceless and superficial quality that permeates a lot of online activity. We get a connection request and never hear from the person again. But, the promise of our program is to build vital and engaged relationships with the people you want in your circle. We introduce a new communications process that is high-touch, refined, inviting and definitely not “faceless.” Unlike many business development programs, there is nothing pushy about our methods. We teach you how to use a simple and progressive communications process that leads to face-to-face meetings and active relationships. Our process works equally well for newcomers as well as seasoned business development professionals.


Week Four (12/6) – The Advanced Level


Gaining traction in the social media world has several non-negotiable elements attached to it. For example, a business can no longer rely on SEO (search engine optimization) alone to drive traffic to their site. For an individual, getting online publishing can seem daunting. But, Inspired Social Networking offers a variety of right-sized approaches so that anyone can become an online publisher using methods that work for them. Quite frankly, we have yet to meet a participant who doesn’t come out of the program as a publisher with their own unique thumbprint.


David Harder, the course designer and host of Inspired Social Networking developed these processes to build Inspired Work after the recession. Recently, he reentered the traditional publishing field with over six million online readers.


Quite simply, what we teach works and it is pleasurable for everyone involved.


Who Ought to Attend:


  • Business owners who want to build a stronger community, client base, and other resources.
  • Sales professionals who want to generate better leads in shorter periods of times.
  • Professionals who want to build a career based on ideal mentors, business contacts and access to business intelligence.
  • Digital marketing professionals. Because we don’t do what you do!


For more information or to enroll, call (310) 277-4850.


To enroll online, click here.


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