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By David Harder on October, 7, 2015

Another Innovation That is About to Change Everything

A few months ago I wrote an article about 3D printing and how it is growing into a tidal wave that will displace manufacturing jobs as we know them. Perhaps it will even loosen China’s dominance as the back room manufacturer of the world.

I described a future where you can order a new BMW online and the dealer down the block prints out your new car. If that sounds too pie in the sky, consider that entire fighter jets are now being created with 3D printing.

The old world of work promised predictability and survival. These standards were drummed into us by our parents, our history, our schools and with the majority of employers. For those of us who are thriving, we have realized that letting go of predictability and survival makes room to pursue the new standard, which is growth and learning.

For over two decades we have been giving people a tangible experience of positive change in their lives and careers. Once we know and understand how to change ourselves the road opens up to take charge of how we deal with change.

To put this is perspective, let’s take a look at one new innovation that will change how many of us work, learn and consume entertainment. Recently, a twenty-two year old man named Palmer Luckey sold his company Oculus VR to Facebook for $2.3 billion. His new virtual reality machines hit the stores this Christmas. And, like many early adopters of cell phones, many will scrunch up their face and put down the thought that there is any use for this technology.


As founder of Inspired Work, I have regrettably missed the boat of early adoption several times. For example, in the 80’s I had an opportunity to purchase an initial offering of Apple stock but felt that buying a new BMW was a better idea.

Within ten years, virtual reality will transform entertainment, learning, business meetings, travel research, shopping and perhaps even jury duty. The world of work will have a tidal wave roll over it where those of us hanging onto predictability and survival will be washed away.

For those who believe I am overstating the point consider this:

America’s #1 job for men is trucking. Daimler is testing driverless trucks on the Nevada highways – right now.

If you are afraid of change, find out how to change yourself. That quest will often begin by changing our orientation towards fear because the healthy purpose of fear is to take action. It is not about fight or flight.

Take action.

If a family member is hanging onto to the old notion of work, help them move forward.

The skills to effectively change ourselves are the most important new skills of this era. For those of us who get there first, we will buy more of the new future stock blockbusters, we will harness our great gifts in new and more valuable ways and to those around us who are afraid we will show them,

“Yes, you can do it!”

More than anything, we need to foster courage rather than listening to patronizing promises of more jobs, just like the ones we hated.

I work in a hallowed place because I get to witness so many people change and unleash their good every single day and what I have to share with you is,

“Yes, you can do it!”

David Harder – President and Founder – Inspired Work

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