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Anyone Sacrificing Their Life for a Mission
By David Harder on February, 26, 2021

Anyone Sacrificing Their Life for a Mission?

I did.


The door to my life’s work opened when my record producer suddenly died.


I will never regret letting go of that career to help others find their ideal career. But the demands of Inspired Work grew and music, the primary language of my life, slipped away.


I thought about it all of the time. I used to fly a lot and would close my eyes only to think of how much I missed that part of my life. A year before this story began, a client that produced one of the biggest chunks of revenue asked that I take her to a psychic. Then, she asked that I join her. I drove here there myself. The guy looked a bit like Jabba the Hut. He was also bald except for on long braid coming directly out of his skull. She grabbed my arm and directed, “You go first.”


As I sat down, he looked at me and said, “You’re a musician.” I responded, “You’re the psychic.” My nasty little pushback ended with the next words. “If I am wrong about this, I will also be wrong with everything that follows. You are one of those few people who doesn’t listen to people’s words, you listen to the music in their voice.” I felt all of the air come out of my mouth followed by deep anger. Up until that moment, it was my secret.


Right now, we are days away from launching workskunk. Getting here has been a profound and often difficult journey. I believe that ending underemployment will solve our country’s deepest source of turmoil. Consequently, our core services will be available without charge.


Like everyone else, the pandemic changed most of our plans. Since April last year, we have been working in our caves. We have received support from all over the world. But the day-to-day experience has been developing a platform that is unique, that provides solutions, and retains the profound feel that has accompanied all of our programs.


Every time another obstacle showed up, we treated it with trust, and time and time again, what often felt like a miracle showed up. I have a deep-seated hatred of stock music or playing in bars. In June, I found myself sitting in front of Yamaha’s Montage 8. It is the most groundbreaking technology in music. Like so many of us, I find it easier to lose my life to the mission rather than protect the parts of life that make mine so very unique.


From all that we can find, workskunk will be the first human development platform with original music. We purchased libraries of stock music. When we threw it out, I realized that using that music would make us sound like everyone else. Apparently, God wanted no part of that and insisted I invest the time to do music well.


My reaction to being immersed in music again reminds me of a scene from my favorite career movie, Joe vs. the Volcano. He is near death on top of a raft made from luxury luggage. Meg Ryan is asleep. He looks up and the most magnificent full moon rises over the ocean. Joe struggles to his feet and gasps,


“I never knew how big.”



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