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By David Harder on April, 18, 2016

Become a Social Networking Rock Star by June – We Dare You!

Why We Dare You!


Inspired Social Networking is an exciting, engaging and thoroughly effective training in how to get the most out of every minute you invest in social media.


On April 26, we begin a new Inspired Social Networking Program.


There are two unique twists to this event:

1. This will be the last program delivered at $400. Popularity is bringing the pricing up to $600.


2. The “most improved” participant will be the subject of a profile and article that reaches over 100,000 readers.


Our graduates build new communities, support systems and relationships in short periods of time.


The Inspired Social Networking system builds virtual communications skills and confidence. It is simple to use and yet sophisticated in its outcome.


The program is delivered online in a live format with personalized attention for each participant. Hence, we limit our program to twenty participants.


Here is how it began:


Before launching Inspired Work I was a successful staffing executive managing a wide variety of recruitment professionals and consultants. We secured business by providing “high touch” consultative sales techniques.


For many years, I was dismissive of social networking because it felt like junk mail and communications skills were impersonal at best. All of us have received connection requests which we’ve accepted only to never hear from that individual again.


We even had a social networking expert working in his computer all day. At the end of the first year, his efforts had brought in about 3% of our overall revenue.


When Inspired Work began recovering from the “great recession” we were looking for ways to open up new business as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.


I made a decision to find a way to combine high touch personalized communications to the efficiency of social networking. Last year, social networking exceeded all other sources of new business at Inspired Work. Last month, I was having breakfast with two colleagues, a major corporate client and a wonderful new friend.


Suddenly, someone asked, “How did we all come to know each other?”


I responded, “We met through social media.”


They had to be reminded.


I believe this fluidly easy success comes from a level of comfort that unusual (to say the least) in this medium.


Join us on April 26 at your computer from 4-6 p.m. (PST).


There are additional modules at the same time on May 3, 10 and 17.


All you need is a computer screen and a phone.


Here are the deliverables:


Week One:

The Inspired Profile

You finish the week with a new profile. The week includes an evaluation from Inspired Work, training in how to define an effective online brand and finished product.


Week Two:

Inspired Communications

No more junk mail send outs! We show you how to stand-out and communicate in ways that are magnetic, personalized, comfortable and effective.

The deliverable? Great new connections.


Week three:

The relationship course

We take your new connections and show you how to use a highly successful method for spinning them into highly engaged relationships. For those of you with a wide variety of attractive connections and little engagement, this deliverable is game changing.


Week four:

Your have a new online brand, a new profile, new connections and a communications toolkit. Now, we introduce you to news ways to create and build communities through online publishing, professional groups and endorsements.


Words from Our Clients:


I came into the program as a recognized leader in the digital marketing profession. I felt that if I learned one or two things it would be valuable. The program is a surprising and unique take on using social networking to build an actively engaged community. Today, most of my new business comes by using the techniques from Inspired Social Networking.

Dave Roth – CEO, Emergent Digital


I first worked with David in his Inspired Social Networking program. After one session, I very quickly signed up for everything else. David’s particular genius is in helping you crystalize your best vision for yourself and bringing that about in the real world.

Luke Reichle – Award Winning Costume Designer ABC’s hit series “Castle”


For more information, click here.


To enroll, call (310) 277-4850


Win the challenge!


Our Next Inspired Work Program:


The Inspired Work Program – May 21 & 22


at the beautiful Luxe Summit Hotel in Los Angeles.



From a time perspective, work is the biggest relationship that we have.


From the founder and President of Inspired Work, David Harder:


“Change is impacts virtually every profession in ways we could never imagine. Culturally, was have been conditioned to look at change as a difficult even bad state of affairs. When we do that, it usually does turn out badly.


But, for the last twenty-five years The Inspired Work Program has introduced participants to the best change of all – finding and leading the life they want to have.


When you participate, you want you to arrive with the highest expectations for us and for yourself. This immersive experience gives every participant a unique experience and the kind of clarity that leads to immediate right action. Now, more than ever, this experience gives you the actual experience of successful and positive self-change. That experience makes it easier to respond to the next wave more effectively and after that, to surf the crest with mastery.


If you relationship with work could use a simple boost, buy a self-help book. But, if you crave a turning point, we encourage you to join us.”


From one of our graduates, Scott Lochridge – President of Dragonfly Organization Services:


“For most of us, there are only a few people that we can say have truly changed our lives. David is one of these people for me. I was introduced to David by a colleague and took the Inspired Work program. It was transformational. His approach and philosophy get to the heart of why we work and why we are here. I can’t recommend him or the program highly enough. I have continued a lively, enjoyable, and fruitful professional association with David and he continues to add incredible value to my business and my professional development. He is a true professional partner, thinking how to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts, always considering your best interests. I look forward to a long, productive, and enjoyable association with him.”


To enroll, call (310) 277-4850.


For more information, click here.