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The World Above Politics
By David Harder on May, 24, 2020

Career Tip of the Day

Advancing technology isn’t taking away work; it is eliminating tasks.


Before the pandemic, about half of our country’s workers were needing to shed the mindset of the past and develop an understanding of how to fit into the emerging work of the future. Millions of jobs have been eliminated.


Many employers were dragging their feet in the conversion of task work being handled by humans or technology. This will no longer be the case.


Here are several characteristics in the work that is becoming obsolete and the types of work that are emerging right now:




Quotas, forms, plugging bolts in holes, picking up garbage, traditional call and customer service jobs, cashiers, organizing stuff, trucking without customer interaction, routine surgical procedures, legal paperwork, and many more.


Emerging and Growing


Creativity, designing beauty, narrative, persuasion, storytelling, accountability, solving millions of problems, providing empathy, consultative sales, elder care, baby care, customer care, media, designing technology, leadership, human development, therapy, fitness, cooking, influence, and many more.


What Now?


If you are home worrying about your work and how you are going to make a living, go ahead and find a job. Yet, it is even more important to redefine how you want to work, make a difference, support others, and make this world a better place for all of us.


The future of work is more bright than ever. But, successfully transitioning into the future requires courage, education, help, and a new mindset.


Why is courage so important?


Humans are quite gifted at dismissing the fears and challenges of changing themselves by embracing cynicism or event contempt.


Now it is essential. Don’t wait and don’t hope.


Find the work that you love so much, you become willing to do whatever it takes to change, to develop overall success, and you will look back at this time as a turning point. Perhaps it will be the time you realized what you were born to do.


The work of the past only gave us predictability and survival. The work of tomorrow requires engagement, meaning, and dare we say it, “Love?”


Today, the work of the future is about living our purpose.


Put on a new pair of glasses, find that, and everything will change.


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