From the Founder of Inspired Work, David Harder:

“Initially, I was appalled with social networking. Much of it felt like junk mail. Every day brought new connection requests, which I accepted, only to never hear from them again

The question emerged,

What if we applied the best of “high touch” business development techniques to the social networking platform?

What would happen if we supported these new skills with highly effective personal brands?

The result is a process that identifies ideal targets and communicates with them in such an engaging manner that you end-up with a whole new form of connecting, one that builds rock solid relationships.”

During our session, we will share a couple of the unique aspects of the program that is changing how we use social networking. Literally, social networking has the power to become your number one source of business, of success and of support. That potential requires a new set of skills and we teach them in ways that are unique and that offer immediate results.

The teleconference is related to two upcoming Inspired Social Networking Program:

Live in New York – Wednesday, March 23 from 8-5

Join us in mid-town for a live delivery of the program led by David Harder. You will be working with professionals from diverse backgrounds.

The $1,000 fee includes two hours of personalized coaching, materials and lunch.

For more information, click here.

Virtual – Tuesday, March 29 from 4-6 (plus three weekly sessions – same day & time)

The program is delivered in four weekly two hour sessions. All that you need is a computer and a telephone.

The $400 fee includes materials.

For more information, click here.

Both programs are limited to twenty participants.

To enroll, call (310) 277-4850

For the teleconference, call (646) 741-7067 (no pin required)