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By David Harder on October, 13, 2015

David Harder at The Inside Edge – UC Irvine October 28th

Why are We Really Afraid of Change?

Personal change represents one of the most challenging of human experiences.

For example, think of the fears that come up with launching a new career, starting a business, getting sober, losing the weight and keeping it off, ending decades of being single, stepping out on stage for the first time or selling everything and moving to Lake Como.

(OK, that one is not too frightening!).

Twenty-five years ago, David Harder began leading people through change within their own careers. This time, the target was compelling. His mission is focused on helping people transform their relationship towards work. Thousands of Inspired Work participants have used his program to initiate new careers, create breakthroughs with their jobs or businesses and to take charge of change.

He shares,

“Everyone is talking about the need to change but no one is discussing what actually gets in the way of personal change. It is learnable and there are four steps for all of us – no matter our walk of life.”

Join us at The Inside Edge – Irvine for “The Four Reasons We are Afraid of Change” and gain valuable tools to help yourself and those around you to not only initiate change but to do it smartly.

The Inside Edge is a dynamic association of leaders from science, healthcare, spirituality, business, human potential, publishing, education, technology, art, music, investment, law, medicine, research and business. The organization includes some of the most exciting individuals in today’s culture.

Registration begins at 6:30 a.m.  

 First time guests pay $25. 

The event includes breakfast.

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