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By David Harder on April, 27, 2017

Do What You Were Born to Do

Ran into an old friend yesterday who asked, “Do you still lead those seminars?” and I responded, “More than ever.” He asked, “Who does anything for more than 25 years?” I laughed, “Those of us who find what we are born to do.”

I walked into the first Inspired Work Program at the Loew’s Beach Hotel in 1990. I had never led a seminar before. In the past two years, I had lost the love of my life, left an executive role, gotten a record contract only to have my producer drop dead of a heart attack. I needed a breakthrough just as much as anyone in that room.

Over the course of two days, I watched 36 people find the lives they were meant to have. It was and is my work of God. It is the work that has pushed me to heal. It is the work that has given me an unexpectedly rich life.

I had lunch with my last boss two years ago. We hadn’t seen each other for two decades. She was more gorgeous and successful than ever. Her first words were, “What is it like to be you and wake up in the morning? What is it like to touch so many lives?”

I did not imagine this life. I had other plans. Each year only makes me more invested, more committed and more certain that our relationship towards work determines how we show up in our lives. The joy that I derive from watching people find the same sense of wonder and joy of stepping onto their right path never grows old. The experience is as vivid and as perfect every single time that it happens.

So yes, I am still leading those seminars.

Brought to you by David Harder, President – Inspired Work, Inc.