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By David Harder on March, 22, 2018

End Your Relationship With Facebook? Really?

This morning, I’m waking up to all of the messages about ending one’s relationship with Facebook.


Yesterday, I led the last installment of Inspired Social Networking and was telling our participants that we now live in the world of transparency. The tipping point for sexual harrassment happened because of social media. Job candidates can learn more about a hiring manager than the current employees (unless they look). Stories that used to take years to gain traction now take hours. Thousands of women are now running for office because of a tidal wave of information. Young people are marching on the government with greater moral clarity than the adults.


Today, anyone who believes the world cannot see them is living in a state of delusion. Now, it is Facebook’s turn. How they respond to this crisis will determine a good part of their future. Social media grew with such ferocity that developing policy and law occurs somewhat like building a plane in flight.


Facebook, Google, and other platforms make a great deal of money from sharing information. We have known this for years. All of us have something to gain in defining the morality of how that information is used.


The world will not be making a u-turn on transparency.


Live your life with nothing to hide.


Run your organization with open doors.




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