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Hey Facebook! Is the Internet a Toilet?
By David Harder on June, 10, 2020

Hey Facebook! Is the Internet a Toilet?

Lady Gaga recently said, “The Internet is a toilet.”


By the time that I read through the first six inches of today’s Facebook feed, I was feeling that it might just be better to go to bed and hide. And yet, I’ve got about 20 hours of work in front of me.


First 6 inches:


Bernie Sanders supporters, who were asked by Senator Sanders, to support Joe Biden, claim that Tara Reade, the serial grifter that has embezzled money for years, made claims against other men, and yet she doesn’t have one report to create a case. Another one brought up the claim that Uncle Joe has dementia. Now, I am not as old as Joe and he seems to be at least as cogent as me. In fact, his narrative to the Floyd family yesterday brought our home to tears. During the last almost 4 years, I have kept to myself that every time I have seen their savior, I think “early bird special and a pastrami on rye.”


We are still tearing our own people down?


How is that working out?


Next, I read a post about a new criminal breakout where our likeness, photos, personal information is being used to embezzle fortunes from others in our names. Has Tara Reade launched a franchise?


Between a pandemic, a President who is gassing protestors on the streets, and shelter-in-place, all of my terror is currently spoken for.


I’m at my friend limit on Facebook. I have ten times that amount on LinkedIn.


Can someone explain why I have not read any of these terrifying claims on LinkedIn?


Here, I learn how to solve problems, help other people, build effective relationships, grow my publishing reach, and contribute to the rapid change that is impacting so many of us. I’ve built some extraordinary partnerships, found amazing clients, and learned something new virtually every day.


Candidly, the narrative itself is what frightens me the most. On some days, the cynicism and contempt are so deep that I get frightened of my neighbors. What are they thinking? When will I get micro-chipped by the Gates? Lose everything I have by turning on the computer? Turn into a spittle-covered Zombie if I get a vaccine?


There is a small part of me that finds all of this unhinged crazy stuff sweeping across the country with amusement. After all, California began the whole idea that if you believe something, no matter how untrue that might be, you can go online and gather evidence that it is indeed, true. We’ve worked with a law firm for many years. They bring us in to deal with human capital breakdowns with their clients. For years, I’ve invited a partner to come to one of our work programs. Each time, she has been quite busy. Not long ago, I listened to her unavailability, began laughing and said, “You’re afraid that if you come to our program that you are going to give up your equity, leave the practice of law, and become a nude flute instructor at Esalen.”


She gasped. I hit that nail on the head.


For most of my adult life, I have been impacted by an awakening that occurred in my early 20s. On a profound level, I learned that whatever I give my attention to influences in what I become. I learned that if I listen to ongoing cynicism and contempt, that is what I become.


There is an old prayer that I use every day.


God, grant me the serenity, to accept the things I cannot change,


The courage to change the things I can,


And the wisdom to know the difference.


It still works for me.


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