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By David Harder on January, 20, 2016

Hold Onto What You Have? Or, Go For It!

This morning I was wrapped up in conversation with a brilliant scientist who has devoted his life to bringing new forms of healing to the medical profession.

I said,

“Clearly, you are madly and deeply in love with your work!”

He recounted that when his institution was established work felt so unlike “work” that he didn’t deposit his paychecks for a couple of months.

He added,

“It is sad that so many people don’t have that kind of experience with their work.”

I came back with,

“Most were conditioned to shoot for predictability and survival.”

My mission in our world is to offer anyone the opportunity to transform their relationship towards work. So far, my business has delivered on that promises over 40,000 times.

Here is how we define a transformed relationship towards work:

  • Doing the work that you love.
  • Doing the work that reflects the person you have grown into.
  • Making a living that fits your needs, your pictures and your expectations.
  • Developing the life skills that bring us sustainable success and resilience.
  • Knowing and understanding how to change.


That last one is a kicker for many. The rate of change is reaching such dizzying altitudes that many of us are trying to catch up only to discover the world has moved…again.

The single greatest poison for any form of success is resignation. That state not only shields us from leading the lives we are meant to have, it undermines holding the work we are already doing.

The skills and outlook that underpin the work of happy and fulfilled individuals also happen to be the skills and outlook for all workers today. To distill the thought let’s use an old statement,

“Pushed by the pain until pulled by the vision.”

That is actually a choice.

We can choose, at any time, to create new visions and to change our lives. Or, we choose temporary comfort.

Do we get up in the morning and think, “I am happy about my love life, my work, my family and my health?”

Or, do we look at the long commute, the boss from hell, the nagging pain that we have outgrown it all and the fear of whether or not we will live up to the next round of change?

Friends, it is a choice.

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