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If You Can Only Think About Me For 15-Seconds, How Will All of Us Move Forward?

In the 80s, Xerox ran into a business crisis brought on by Reagan’s relaxation of tariffs. Suddenly competition flooded the market. The company’s crisis was so far-reaching they assembled a sales institute to study the psychology of sales.


The most important piece of information is that human beings are able to think about something other than themselves for a maximum of 15-seconds.


The findings made pitch-selling obsolete. But, how does this impact our day-to-day living?


For several years many of us have been proving that being concerned with our own needs and expectations rather than helping others has not helped any of us.


If you are the exception, please speak up.


Over 12,000,000 spam e-mails are sent out for every sale that is made. By not having the respectfulness to find out what we need, continual pitching only shuts us down.


If you have achieved terrific results from continual pitching, please speak up.


We have been yelling at each other for a number of years and all that has accomplished is to make our country an ugly place. When I was a little kid, Lady Bird Johnson (One of the First Lady’s) was on a kick to beautify and clean-up America.


My grade school teacher screeched at us, “When you see trash by the side of the road, what do you think of?”


A kid in the back of the room responded, “Home.”


There is the rub. When trash becomes a way of life, all of us suffer.


My redemption has emerged from being of service. I don’t do it because it is right. I do it because service is the one thing that makes me feel great.


There were times in my life where friends referred to me as the “king of one-liners and put-downs.” It didn’t make me feel better. For one moment, I believed I was better, only to discover that what I had said made me far worse.


Do we want our lives to improve?


Go ask people what they want and need.


If you want our lives to improve,


Give it to them.


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