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By David Harder on December, 20, 2016

An Inspired New Year

This Year, Give the Gift of Clarity – Meaning – Purpose – Joy


Saturday & Sunday, January 7 & 8 (Los Angeles)

Clarity – Meaning – Purpose – Joy

Work is probably the biggest relationship that you have – right? If you are like many of us, you spend most of your waking hours getting ready for it, traveling to it, being at it and recovering from it.


When we redefine work as “a relationship” the best outcome not only requires that you are doing what you were born to do, you are doing it successfully on your terms and by your definition.


Over 42,000 people have used The Inspired Work Program, a sophisticated, immersive, two-day experience to transform their relationship towards work. For most, the journey represents solutions for everything in way of fulfillment, self-definition and renewed meaning & purpose. The outcome is practical and learnable.
The experience itself is meaningful, joyful and profound. You witness breakthroughs in everyone around you. It is so bonding and moving that we have alumni groups going back twenty-six years.


What would life be like if you solve the biggest challenges you have about your work?


How would you touch the lives of everyone around you if you are leading the life you are meant to have?


We can help you or someone you love step into that journey in early January with tangible, actionable and life-changing results. And, loved ones routinely jump into this exploration together.


If the future seems to be arriving too quickly, if you are having challenges trying to make change work for you, don’t miss it. The experience offers support the rest of most anyone’s working life – for the better.


Happy Holidays.

We Want to See You in The New Year!

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