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By David Harder on July, 8, 2016

Inspired Social Networking

Begins Tuesday, July 19 from 4-6 p.m.

Followed by three weekly virtual sessions.


Inspired Social Networking represents a turning point in how most people use social networking. The program shows anyone how to build a community customized around the needs and expectations of your business, your career and your lifestyle.


  • Entrepreneurs the the techniques to develop new clients, strategic partners and other resources.


  • Individuals use the program to build communities that thoroughly support their careers.


  • Intact teams use the program to elevate business development, recruitment, business intelligence and community support.


  • Marketing departments use the program to turn everyone into a skilled business development asset.


  • The program is delivered virtually and all that you need is a computer, phone and open mind.


The experience actually delivers more than learning, each week you will have new and eye-opening results.


Week One:

An improved LinkedIn profile and the beginnings of a strong online personal brand.


Week Two:

A variety of targeted new connections attracted to you by using our unique communications techniques.


Week Three:

You are beginning new and engaged relationships using a high-touch and comfortable process – no pressure, easy and effective.


Week Four:

By now, blogging, publishing, posting, endorsing and adding creativity to all that you’ve learned not only makes sense, it is pleasurable. We help you knit your highly defined online brand to a learning kit that guides you into using all of these tools with confidence.


“As a long time leader in digital marketing, I came into the program skeptical that I would learn anything of value. This is such a sensible and elegant approach to business development using social networking. Today, most of the new business that comes into Emergent Digital comes from using these techniques.”

Dave Roth, President & CEO – Emergent Digital

“I had a great time during the session and fell that you’ve given us the tools and motivation to move forward with our development. I’m eager to get started. Thank you for your inspiration.”


Call us to determine if this is a right fit for you at (310) 277-4850

For more information, click here.

Please note:

Inspired Social Networking is available to the general public through virtual sessions.

Our program is also available in a live setting for one day to organizations.