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By David Harder on May, 11, 2015

Inspired Social Networking

Four Virtual Weekly Two-Hour Sessions

Starting on Monday, May 18, 4-6 p.m. (PST)

Inspired Social Networking offers a creative and fun-to-use process that leads to highly engaged targeted relationships.

From the Founder of Inspired Work, David Harder:

“Prior to launching Inspired Work, I was a sales executive who led a variety of “high touch” sales representatives in the competitive environments. Initially, I was appalled with social networking. Much of it felt like junk mail. What if we applied the best of “high touch” business development techniques to the social networking platform? The result is a process that identifies ideal targets and communicates with them in such an engaging manner that you end-up with a highly engaged community. Two years ago, for the first time in Inspired Work’s history, connections from social networking produced more revenue than referrals.”

From a recent participant:

“I came into the program as a recognized leader in the digital marketing profession. I felt that if I learned one or two things it would be valuable. The program is a surprising and unique take on using social networking to build an actively engaged community. Today, most of my new business comes by using the techniques from Inspired Social Networking.”

Dave Roth – CEO, Emergent Digital

The program takes place in four virtual (phone & computer) modules:

Module One – An Inspired Profile

Prior to your first session, we will evaluate your Linked-In profile. Our first training session is devoted to building a strong personal brand on the net. The outcome is a profile that speaks to the needs and expectations of your market. Inspired Work engages with you to produce a strongly effective profile by the end of the first week.

Module Two – Inspired Communications

The generic use of social networking tools equates to modern junk mail. Our communications module gives you a step-by-step process that introduces a new and attractive vernauclar that is personal, respectful and engaging.

Once again, results are built into the second week and our participants return with a number of new “high-value” connections.

Module Three – Build an Inspired Community

Building the right community is career and even life changing.

In this session, you will learn how to take your new connections and build them into assets. By now, your personal branding is becoming consistent and you recognize how to build connectedness throughout your community.

Here, teach you how to leverage new contacts into engaged and effective relationships.

Module Four – The Advanced Session

We translate all that you have learned to the vastly different Facebook.

You are given guidelines for building your brand through effective online publishing.

We close with insights in how to transfer your new knowledge to other colleagues.

In order to give every participant adequate attention, each course is limited to fifteen participants.

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Enroll by calling (310) 277-4850.