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By David Harder on March, 13, 2016

Inspired Social Networking Virtual Learning Begins Tuesday, March 29

The course begins at 4 p.m. (pst) to 6. It is followed by three weekly sessions.

  • We have developed a program that helps you create:
  • Highly Personalized Social Networking Brand
  • A Unique Communications Process That Builds Participative Relationships
  • An Understanding in How to Develop Your Own Artful Style on the Net

“As a long term professional in digital marketing, I was skeptical in what I would learn from this program. In fact, this process accounts for most of my new business. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Dave Roth – President, Emergent Digital

“I first worked with David in his Inspired Social Networking online workshop. After one session, I very quickly joined his Inspired Works program. David’s particular genius is in helping you crystalize your best vision for yourself and bringing that about in the real world. He has a sincere interest in seeing you succeed in doing something for which you are both suited and passionate. After working with David I was able to relaunch my business with a new focus and vitality that has shown tremendous results. I look forward to more of David’s inspired training.”

Luke Reichle – President and Founder of Secrets of the Red Carpet,

Costume Designer for ABC’s Castle

This is our commitment to everyone who participates:

  • To emerge confident that you are now getting the most out of social networking
  • To bring high-touch communications skills to everyone you want to develop as a friend, employer, client or mentor.
  • To elevate social networking into one of your most rewarding professional experiences.
Here are a few examples of how the skills are being used:


1. Entrepreneurs are training every member of their team to grow the business

2. Professionals “in transition” are learning how to identify ideal employers and build support systems that ensure their ongoing success

3. Human resource teams are using the skills to improve recruitment results and lower expenses

4. Development departments identify and build relationships with new donors

5. Sales professionals use these skills to increase sales as well as cut travel expenses and time.

For a curriculum overview, click here:

For a video from our founder, click here:

The program fee is $400. All materials and personalized attention in building a branded profile.

Space is limited to 20 participants.

To enroll, call (310) 277-4850.