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By David Harder on March, 4, 2015

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Decision Toolbox

Kim Shepherd

Kim Shepherd – CEO

Inspired Work’s community includes strategic partners and graduates that provide unique and unexpected solutions to issues surrounding work, business and careers.

In the months ahead, we will be sharing a variety of these resources with you.

If you hire talent, consider this fact-based statement and value opportunity:

We have a resource named Decision Toolbox that routinely finds your new hire in an average of 14 days for a typical cost of 5-10% of annual salary.

I met Kim Shepherd in 2000 and found her claims a little bit hard to believe. A few months later, I led a client reorganization that produced thirty-five critical staff openings. Many were specialized medical and customer centric positions. I didn’t have a surprise half-million-dollar budget for recruitment firms and certainly didn’t have the time to deal with hordes of responses from the newspapers. So, I skeptically called Kim and within six weeks every position was filled. The candidates arrived so quickly and were so well screened that I simply sent them directly to the hiring managers. Later that summer we even found a new CEO through Decision Toolbox for 7% of annual salary.

In the years since, Kim and I have become close friends and I have referred hundreds of clients to her organization.

I’ve watched her grow Decision Toolbox to a global force with over 100 team members working 24/7 remotely. Their proprietary technology does the heavy lifting so their recruitment professionals can spend their time involved in creative and intelligent activity. The company routinely receives recognition such as the coveted Alfred B. Sloan Award for Workplace Flexibility in 2009, 2011 and 2012. Inc. consistently includes them in the 500/5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies.

When Kim discovered Inspired Work she responded by taking her entire leadership team through the program. It is in the kind of environment that I get to see how much someone walks the talk and the pleasure with team is they all do.

Once again, as a business proposition, the only results most of us need to know are 14 days and 5-10%!

As a friend, this is who Kim is to me:

She is the brilliant businesswoman who hears new ideas and approaches opportunities and possibilities with enthusiasm and joy. She is the sincere philanthropist who clothes and prepares underprivileged women for work. She is the leader who pulls a hundred employees together and showers them with so much attention and love that nobody leaves. She is perhaps my favorite friend to share moments filled with howling laughter because joy comes to her so very easily.

I want our clients to know about Decision Toolbox.

I want my friends to know Kim Shepherd.

For more information about Decision Toolbox, click here.



Saturday and Sunday – March 14 & 15

For the vast majority of us, work is the biggest relationship that we have.

We spend most of our hours getting ready for, driving to, being at, coming home and recovering from work.

A great relationship with our work implies more than just doing the work that we were born to do, it means that we are leading fully successful lives.

The Inspired Work Program helps you develop integrity with every aspect of your relationship towards work and hence, your life.

Our unique question-driven curriculum wraps itself around you and you produce a series of insights that define the real options in your life. You make the selection. No more option paralysis, no more confusion.

This is why well over 94% of our participants produce the results that exceed their expectations within the year following the program.

“I met David Harder, the Founder of Inspired Work on tour years ago, peddling our first books. I’ve watched Inspired Work launch many careers. The program is like a heat-seeking missle for finding and fostering a person’s destiny. I don’t know how it works, but it is brilliant.”

Linda Sivertsen – Book Auteur, Founder of and author

“The Program is unique, fun, insightful and an adventure in discovering what inspires others to live in their bliss and be more dynamic in their chosen profession. My staff and I took the Inspired Work Program two years ago. The end result was a team that sees the big picture in their life and how we can get them there.”

Charlene Gorzela – CEO – Mack, LTD and Mack Elite

“I have watched over 40,000 participants define and commit to a much more engaging and successful experience of work. Since 1990, I have also witnessed the rate of change increase to such dizzying heights that many of us have are overwhelmed because we don’t really know how to change. People change in The Inspired Work Program and that experience of change coupled to our curriculum gives people the tools to not only keep up with this revolutionary world, our participants anticipate and take better advantage of the changes around and in front of them.”

David Harder – President & Founder, Inspired Work, Inc.

For more information, visit, take a look at videos from past participants and if our message resonates with you – give us a call.

Also feel free to call us right now – we are happy to answer your questions and help you define exactly what you will gain by joining us.

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