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By David Harder on April, 13, 2017

Inspired Work’s First Annual Disengaged Employee of the Year Award

We were going to wait until the end of the year to take nominations for “Disengaged Employee of the Year Award” but after careful consideration, Sean has set a bar so thoroughly in the winning position, we are throwing in our chips today. Please, please, please, this is not a partisan pick! Our selection is purely based on performance considerations.

Mr. Sean Spicer has won the award for the following reasons:

He told the world press that Hitler did not resort to chemical weapons…during Passover.

Here are a few of the winning characteristics Spicer presents as a fully disengaged employee:

A complete lack of self-knowledge

Always understand one’s limitations and if there is a possibility of overstepping them, keep your mouth shut.

An extraordinary lack of humility

“You must respect my authoritay” works on South Park but not the world stage.

A capacity to serve only one-customer-at-a-time

Failure to take care of one customer

Within one week of starting his job, the pressure had already gotten to him:

Is there hope for Mr. Spicer? Well, there is hope for all of us. Here are a few suggestions for creating more engagement:

Sean has very strong communications, sales and presentation skills. Couple these strengths to a full-on disconnection with self and it is a bit like sending a drunk driver into rush hour traffic in Los Angeles – every day will be a surprise.

We suggest regular self-inquiry. Begin each day by answering a few questions:

How can I make the world a better place today?

What do I most fear and how can I respond to that fear in healthier ways?

If I could be making history, what do I need to know about history?

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