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By David Harder on August, 11, 2017

This is What a Laser-Like Brand Looks Like

Over the years, I have helped many of our graduates launch new businesses. It is a growing trend. More and more participants define that their ideal next step is to go into business for themselves. It is one of my great joys to watch them include the fears and concerns as they establish a business that is not only elegantly tailored to their DNA, but also highly profitable.


This one is especially exciting because it marks the return of one of the world’s most brilliant advisors and coaches. Her brand is laser-like, her website is magnificent, and she is a beloved friend. Marta Vago is one of those personalities so powerful, so brilliant, and impactful, that you meet her once and remember her forever. She is the product of an extraordinary education that began in the halls of The Juilliard School of Music. Marta holds graduate degrees in music, social work, and psychology.


Marta Vago has a long track-record in advising people of accomplishment and family enterprise. In other words, she has the unusual capacity of impacting powerful business owners, the rich, and the famous. She has served clients throughout the world with an especially robust presence in Australia and Singapore. For the last few years, Marta has been traveling the world with her husband, concert pianist Stephen Manes. She wanted to participate in our program and finally, our schedules matched. Over that weekend, Marta realized that the sense of magic and excitement that comes from making a difference in other people’s lives is so compelling that it is time to relaunch her business.


Yesterday, Marta Vago’s website went live. I’m encouraging you to take a look. Here’s why:


  • The brand presentation is laser-like and designed to be magnetic to the very clients best suited for the practice
  • It is absolutely engaging and beautiful


You can visit the site at


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