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My Favorite Hero
By David Harder on May, 30, 2020

My Favorite Hero

A few years ago, a teenager named Brandon Farbstein contacted me with a note. It read,


“I have been looking for people that are masters in their profession. If you are open to a conversation, I would be grateful to learn anything that you want to share in how you became successful.


He mentioned that at 16, he had given his first TedTalk.


This is a portion of what happened:


Brandon was born with a particularly ruthless form of dwarfism. He spends many of his days battling extraordinary pain.


One day, Brandon asked his parents if they would buy him a customized Segway built for little people. Rather than writing a check, they suggested that he raise the money himself. That response changed Brandon’s future. He experienced just how much people were ready to help.


Today, Brandon is one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the world. He sits on a variety of boards, gives presentations around the world and serves as an advocate for Generation Z.


Why is his lesson so very important?


Today’s college graduates will change careers, not jobs, 4-6 times. This type of acceleration has made human connectivity more important than most other skillsets. Human connectivity is the ability to fluidly and graciously connect with others.


This gentleman is the personification of connectivity.


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