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By David Harder on September, 30, 2018

My Favorite Publisher is About to Become Your Favorite Source of Good

“Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.”

Khalil Gibran


Giving is not a selfless act. Giving improves the lives of everyone it touches. I’ve observed that when someone has the lowest self-esteem, perhaps even self-loathing, giving is the most reliable way of dismantling that energy. Because, the day will come when that person looks in a mirror and likes, maybe even loves the woman or man that is looking back.


The act of giving when expanded into an organizational culture exponentially grows self-worth. This is one of the reasons that most any effective business culture actively supports charities matching employee donors and encouraging active volunteer work. What I am about to share will elevate those efforts while saving time for everyone involved.


Some years back, I was approached by Dennis Pitocco, the Editor-In-Chief of BizCatalyst360. He had been reading my articles and asked if I would be interested in contributing to his new online publishing company. Our partnership has turned into one of the most vital and satisfying aspects of my writing career. The purpose of a brand is to establish faith in others. That requires consistency. Dennis is one of those inspiring role models that consistently looks for the good in others and who always seeks ways to make our lives better. Through sheer persistence and enthusiasm, Dennis has built one of the largest online publishing houses that reach readers who want the best in thought leadership, innovation, human development, and other forms of good news.


I am proud to be affiliated with authors who represent the best in their field.


We have had many inspiring conversations and throughout, Dennis has demonstrated his commitment to making the world a better place to live. He is a well-known figure in the Tampa community where his family has delivered meals to the less fortunate for many years.


Tomorrow, BizCatalyst360 launches a platform that I encourage all of my readers, clients, friends, and partners to explore. Goodworks360 is a digital clearinghouse for people who want to provide their expertise to charitable organizations. It is devoted to supporting non-profit organizations that have reached the point of having a formal structure but need the support of unconditional support from professionals to grow their capacity to serve.


For those of you who want to support non-profits that fit your mission, vision, and purpose, Goodworks360 is a place to connect and to provide your talent virtually. In other words, this is a platform that doesn’t require leaving your office or your home in order to help.


Dennis Pitocco being the auteur that he is, has already recruited a wide variety of professionals to contribute their time to board chairs and directors who are passionate and committed to growing the capacity of their organizations. He calls his colleagues “time and talent philanthropists.”


I am one of them and fully endorse this wonderful new venture and adventure.


Take a look for yourself at


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