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By David Harder on September, 5, 2016

Why We Need to Go Back to School!

According to Cathy Sandeen, the Chancellor from University of Wisconsin, today’s average college graduate will change careers (not jobs) four to six times. There are other futurists who predict even more frequent transformation.



The new era of work is turning generations of rote cultural behaviors upside down. For example, for hundreds of years, we went through the educational factory culminating in a degree. Once that happened, the education stopped.



Now, static education is obsolete before the ink is dry. Learning content needs to be updated almost as quickly as it is written.



Today, higher education isn’t an endgame, it is where we learn a practice. Developing muscle in that practice is key for remaining competitive in our rapidly changing environment. Those of us who understand this dynamic are changing as quickly as the world around us. About seven years ago, Stanford Behavioral Science Institute conducted a study that indicated the average American doubles their knowledge every four years. Since the study, we are probably cutting that time in half. For the first time in history we have access to so much information that we can literally change who we are in relatively short periods of time. The study didn’t indicate the quality of knowledge. I spend much of my time studying the nature of work, business ownership and writing skills. But, I could be just as equally aware of Kim Kardashian’s whereabouts. It seems that learning how to curate the information we find is just as important to our future success.



The world’s most successful people read an average of 2-3 hours per day. They go to learning programs, conventions and watch Ted Talks. They pursue any session that could increase their awareness and knowledge.



Years ago, a former colleague looked me in the eye and proclaimed, “People don’t change.” In that one moment he absolved himself of growth.



We allow our fears to kill off change and growth. Usually, we justify the assassination of change through cynicism, contempt, aimlessness, resignation and frenzy. Sadly, this outlook often leads to our studying dysfunction rather than success.



Our Inspired Work Program has changed many, many lives. But, I have had to study the process to realize how that happens. Personal change is not that easy. Oh how I wish we could change while floating in a jacuzzi. By watching others I have learned that when we define a compelling mission, vision and purpose for our lives, we become willing to embrace discomfort to actualize. Absent that vision, why bother?



Oprah Winfrey once said that, “education sets us free.”



I will add to that statement that education reinvents us.



Education gives us the future.



We were having dinner recently with one of the world’s most celebrated cancer surgeons. She told me that she is so happy to be alive right here and right now. For the first time in history, we are actually looking at cures for cancer. The growth of artificial intelligence is leading up to life extension, solutions for saving the environment and driverless cars.



So, if we free ourselves up from driving, how are we going to use that available time?



Will we learn new skills that empower us to find yet another solution for this wild and crazy world?



Or, will we play Candy Crush in the back seat?



As the old world of work slips away, we have an opportunity to let go of the quest for survival and predictability and trade that in for growth. The kind of growth where we become more aware, bigger, newer, fresher, happier and filled with a new sense of meaning and purpose.



If you buy that, customize your new learning program.



Grow your curiosity.



Look for answers, skills, fresh insights and one day, in the not too distant future you will be new.



Brought to you by David Harder, Founder and President, Inspired Work, Inc.



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Dave Roth – CEO, Emergent Digital



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