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By David Harder on January, 29, 2015

The New Face of Loyalty


Many organizations and employees are stymied in how to get on the same page with mission, vision and purpose.
In most organizations, the purpose of each job is to increase shareholder value and that is not meaningful enough to produce engagement within each worker.
Let us couple this idea to a biological fact:
Human beings are hardwired to be able to think about something other than themselves for a maximum of 15 seconds. When Xerox launched an institution devoted to the study and psychology of sales, this was the most world changing fact from their research.
Most CEOs are afraid of encouraging their entire workforce to establish personal vision, mission and purpose. But, in a world where change continually impacts organizations this is indeed one of the steps that leads to engagement.
Without personal vision, most workers perform with a sense of resignation.
Resigned employees don’t do much for customer loyalty.
Hiring managers have never had so many resources to help them find the “right fit.” Yet personal bias and, dare we say individual pathologies, continue to influence many mediocre hiring decisions. Producing engagement in the modern world requires that we redefine what “right fit” means.
The truly great work environments are no longer promising predictability and survival to their employees. They provide homes where employees are given the best opportunities to grow and to change.
In our leadership development programs we threw out any idea that a modern leader can get great results by dictating anyone’s performance. Today’s leader needs to connect with the needs and expectations of his or her workers. If we ask anyone to engage with our vision it is equally important to find their vision and help them attain it.
Any savvy employer will expect a leader to not only have the courage to hear this truth but they must also develop the skills to find it.
This is what I have learned in working with a wide variety of organizations:
The new workplace requires a redefinition of right fit. Here are my three types:
Born to do it.
Every one of us has the capacity to find the work that comes to us naturally and powerfully. This is the work that brings a great sense of meaning and purpose to our lives. “Born to do it” workers have a core purpose that doesn’t change. However, they consistently reinvent the way they deliver work as the world changes around them.
These individuals provide the foundation for their employer’s brand.
Grew into it.
The rate of change today indicates that we can literally grow into another person rather quickly. A growth-oriented individual takes a job to accelerate their learning and become more valuable. This person will regularly outgrow what they do and how they do it.
This type brings growth and innovation to work.
A steppingstone to the real deal.
I have found this concept is taking the greatest amount of effort for CEO buy-in. And yet, this is where we find the greatest disengagement.  Many employers are afraid that if they help someone realize his or her purpose, that individual will simply walk out the door. But, we have observed thousands of employees define their purpose and stay with positive consequences. Their job immediately takes on new greater sense of meaning and purpose.
Almost all of us have seen “Undercover Boss.” While undercover, how many employees tell the CEO they want to do something else? How often does this information turn into an opportunity to help the worker pursue their dream? Many of these employees stay. Many of them become more promotable. All of them are fueled to engage with a characteristic that is much more important than loyalty, they continue their work filled with gratitude.
This category of worker represents the bread and butter of your workplace.
Loyalty can change in a second.
But when we give our workers the opportunity to change and to grow we get gratitude.
We find that building gratitude produces far more loyalty in today’s workplace than making promises we cannot keep.
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