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By David Harder on January, 25, 2018

No Matter Where You Are, This Will Make Your Day Better

We all have them. Life is sailing along and then we encounter a real clunker of a day.


There is a solution that doesn’t require leaving one’s computer.


As the owner of Inspired Work, the recession introduced quite a few difficult days. I began evaluating ways to rebuild our company. Eventually, the way we did that was to reinvent how social networking is used. All too often, it is used to sell our products and services. But, the spirit of social networking is to build relationships. When we make any type of a sales pitch with new contacts, what happens? They run.


So, let’s return to that clunker of a day. When I was having one, I would start making recommendations. Let’s make a distinction here. Skill recommendations are passed out like pocket-change from the cashier. I have hundreds of such recommendations from people who not only don’t know me, we have never had a conversation. I’m suggesting that writing truthful and generous endorsements of others makes everyone’s day much better.


Here is an example:

Mel Spiese sincerely wants to make this world a better place for all of us. From the day that I met Mel, I was impressed by his intelligence, emotional sobriety, kindness, and sincere interest in helping as many people as possible. Prior to leaving the US Marines, Mel led the training and development of hundreds of thousands of men and women who served our country. Numerous publications and organizations have designated the US Marines as the most successful leadership organization in the world. Their values-based training isn’t designed for just the elite and the high potentials, the practice of these values turn anyone into a leader. He also personifies and lives these values. Major General Mel Spiese delivers on every promise he makes and he does so with integrity as well as consistency. Most every organization will greatly benefit from what Leaders Can Be Made offers.


In fact, this one just went out the door. I was surprised that I hadn’t written an endorsement for Mel because he is one of the most impactful individuals I’ve met.


Writing thoughtful, specific, praise-driven endorsements not only makes someone’s day much better. Doing so turns all of us into better people.


I have had clients come to me and ask that I give them an endorsement on LinkedIn. I suggest that much greater generosity will take place if they send endorsements. Here’s why. When we send a beautiful endorsement to someone else, we are creating the spirit of generosity. And, LinkedIn suggests the recipient take a moment to respond in kind. We get stronger and more spontaneous endorsements from others when they are in a state of gratitude.


We do not have to wait for an extraordinary moment to make the world a better place. That opportunity is in front of all of us all of the time.


Take a few minutes to endorse the colleague down the hall, the mentor that changed your life, the friend who went out of his or her way to help you, even the vendor who tirelessly takes care of you.


That goodness will come back to you. In fact, it already has.


Brought to you by David Harder, President – Inspired Work, Inc.


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