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By David Harder on March, 28, 2017

The One Question I Will Never Ask Again

The wind has blasted away all sleep. Trees are bending towards the sea and the coyotes have disappeared, possibly hiding or simply taking advantage of the noise that awakens me. This particular wind has gathered energy forcing itself on Sunset Boulevard gathering speed as it races, growing in rage towards the Pacific and I am here to greet it.


I have a special relationship towards wind. Years ago, I was at a really low point in my life and for a brief period of time, I asked God a maudlin question: “Do you want me here?”


The answer was swift. One night, another wind was blasting my previous neighborhood with such ferocity that I also could not sleep. Suddenly, I rose up, walked out of the bedroom and the dogs followed. Then, our home exploded, all the windows around us blew out, all light disappeared and debris flew past us into the night. Holding onto the babies I found a flashlight and shined it towards the bedroom. A pair of 200-foot Eucalyptus trees had crushed the back half of the house to the ground.


I have never asked God “Do you want me here?” again. No, I get to live and orchestrate the success of others. I get to see their lives blossom. I get to love my partner more each and every day. I am forgiven for being awakened because instead of hiding from the wind, I get to work on a new book that comes from a place well beyond my surface mind. Looking at what we have created, I get to be in awe. I get to work with colleagues that are brilliant and loving and kind. Being awakened is especially OK.


Clearly, my God wants me to continue the good fight and has orchestrated a gratitude that is simply – beyond words.


And, if are reading this, you are meant to be here as well, living your life as fully and as richly as possible to live each moment as if the wind is at your back or quite simply, to turn around and greet it with all of your heart.


Brought to you by David Harder – Founder & President, Inspired Work, Inc.