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Social Entrepreneur of the Month! He provides a miracle that science has chased for years.
By David Harder on January, 7, 2019

Social Entrepreneur of the Month! He provides a miracle that science has chased for years.

He’s 81, a non-scientist, and has broken the code for a green future.


As I shared in a recent article, Social Entrepreneurs are becoming the single most impactful and positive change in the future of work. These are people who insist that changing our world for the better can be very profitable. There is also a growing group of workers, especially younger generations, that insist on working for such organizations.


Social entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. This month, I encourage everyone to look at Marshall Medoff, an 81 year-old-business owner who left his business and personal life to come up with a way to produce high-yield, non-polluting fuel from cellulose. Billions have been spent in trying to find a way to do this. Medoff isn’t a scientist. But, he took global warming seriously and literally dropped out of society to focus on the problem full-time.


Instead of going down the same path as scientist, Marshall used common sense to access the sugar in plant life. The resulting fuel has stunned the scientific community. The sugar fuel that result from his process:


  • Powers internal combustion engines with a drop of over 80% in pollutants.
  • Provides a sugar for food that doesn’t rot our teeth.
  • Can be used immediately.


His story aried on 60-Minutes last night and after watch it, I felt it should have been the headline feature for the night.


Here is a link:


Here is a copy of “Work’s Single Most Important Revolution:”


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