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By David Harder on April, 27, 2022

Study Him

Yesterday, there were a series of posts on Facebook offering generous helpings of condemnation over Elon Musk’s “purchase” of Twitter.
One rant was centered on how that money could have ended world hunger. There was not one mention of whether the person making that statement had ever sent out a donation for world hunger himself.
Last year, Inspired Work joined the ranks of social entrepreneurs by opening the doors to workskunk. Social entrepreneurs solve world problems. They make the solution sustainable by also making it highly profitable.
A year ago, we made the commitment to help end underemployment by offering full access to our solutions for work. Full access as in either no charge or as little charge as possible.

Organizations like this are the future of work. Please, before showering me with contempt, go to Google and enter the words: equity investment firms, Silicon Valley.

Thus far, Elon Musk has taken on the insurmountable task of paving the way for an urgent need to transform our world to electric mobility.

10 Years folks. The tipping point of the impossible is taking place right now. Every auto manufacturer is converting to electric, and in its wake, the petrochemical cartel is, shall we say, “acting out?”

The world doesn’t need more armchair critics.

The world needs new workers. Problem solvers. Artisans of their own lives. The roles are infinite. Solutions and beauty. Lest there be any doubt about the urgency at hand, consider the fact that one of the first applications of the technology revolution is cleaning up after the filthy industrial revolution before it.

This helplessness thing does not suit us. Nor does responding to someone’s success with cynicism and contempt.

As for Elon Musk, I study him. Here is a man who didn’t “buy” Twitter. His success as an innovator is so thorough that his name alone financed that purchase.