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The Single Most Important and Overlooked Trait in Good Hires

By David Harder on the August, 14, 2017

The wise holocaust survivor and philosopher Elie Wiesel said, “When a person doesn’t have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity. A person can almost be defined by his or her attitude toward gratitude.” This dynamic that Mr. Wiesel describes can exponentially grow in its impact on an organization. Over the years, I have often been asked to help an employer decide between two top candidates. I usually respond, “Hire the one that is most grateful.” Why? These are the individuals that are inherently skilled in connecting with others; they bring positive energy to a team, and they […]

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The Disappearance of The Middle Class?

By David Harder on the June, 19, 2017

What we have is the disappearance of task workers. This basic seismic shift is so frightening that many are doing what humans do. We point towards the symptom rather than the truth. Task based work is progressively becoming economically unsustainable. For those of us who do tasks, if we have not yet learned how to change our lives, this problem appears to be unfixable. We come from a history that didn’t give us much on the topic of personal change. Prior to the industrial revolution, change happened at a glacial pace. When we invented mass manufacturing, the world went through […]

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How Unlearning Gives You the Keys to Modern Life

By David Harder on the June, 13, 2017

In a world where change grows every day, it is vitally important that we become athletic active learners. It is equally important that we become “unlearners.” America’s great, late futurist Alvin Toffler predicted that by the turn of the century, most of us would be in a state of “future shock,” which he characterized as a paralysis from trying to absorb too much change in too short a period of time. He also told us that the future would belong to those of us who develop the capability to learn, unlearn, and learn again. How on earth do we unlearn? […]

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Why Learning Engagement Gives Us an Inspired Future

By David Harder on the May, 31, 2017

Change is everyone’s responsibility. In front of us is a world filled with more opportunity to craft successful lives than ever before. But, in order to fulfill that opportunity, we have to learn how to change on very personal and fundamental levels. We need to embrace continuous education and self-inquiry. Why? Because without a compelling and personalized sense of mission, vision and purpose to fuel internal motivation, employees will lack the initiative, the “juice” to go through the challenges inherent in actualizing the personal change that is required. Welcome to the reality of future shock. Over the last thirty years, […]

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Do You Have Option Paralysis?

By David Harder on the May, 22, 2017

A few years ago, Stanford finished a study indicating the average professional doubles their knowledge every four years. They said “average.” What about today’s active learner? For those of us who open ourselves to growth, there is more under there every day. As we grow, if we do not update our surroundings and our work, life starts to turn into an ill-fitting suit. In my work, I’ve observed we can respond to this by either becoming pushed by the pain or pulled by a new vision. The very nature of growth includes discomfort! Personally, I’ve experienced far more growth when […]

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The #1 Reason Human Resource Executives Get Thrown Under the Bus

By David Harder on the May, 21, 2017

If 87% of the world’s workers are disengaged, odds are pretty high that we have a number of CEOs, business owners, and Chief Human Resource Officers that are suffering from the same malady. Disengagement often shows up as going through the motions, of not being present enough to think through the implications of an agreement or decision. Let’s use employee engagement initiatives as an example. The CEO comes to human resources and ask the CHRO to “fix the employee engagement problem.” By the time the CEO reaches the door, he or she is disengaged. The human resources executive touts the […]

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The Best Graduate Gift Ever

By David Harder on the May, 18, 2017

Graduating from school is one of the most important rites of passage in our lives. But don’t expect it to look like the past! Today’s average college graduate will change careers not jobs four to six times. In practical terms what does that mean for someone graduating today? First, the great gift of a formal education is that it shows us how to learn. Active learners already rule the world. In earlier generations, we got a degree, we got a job and we worked. Now, we learn and grow every single day. This represents a vast change in our culture […]

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Can You Change Careers Brilliantly? Look at This Guy!

By David Harder on the May, 16, 2017

If the average college graduate is going to change careers four to six times then why is there anything strange if the rest of us follow suit? I help people define what they want and orchestrate their success in getting exactly that. If that sounds like a stretch, my company has done this with over 40,000 people. We have learned a lot about successful personal change. The problem for many older (30-70) professionals is in executing successful personal change before it happens from the outside, often in unpleasant ways. Many believe they can’t change or that change is a difficult […]