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By David Harder on November, 16, 2015

The Inspired Work Program – December 5 & 6

For the vast majority of us,

work is the biggest relationship that we have.

We spend most of our hours getting ready for, driving to, being at, coming home and recovering from work.

Inspired Work’s entire purpose is to improve our relationship with work and hence, our entire lives.

  • We serve the father who is backed into a corner with work that he doesn’t like; the father who does it because he believes he has no option except to keep showing up. We serve the father who finds that life purpose and happiness in one weekend and the children? He ends up becoming their greatest role model.
  • We serve that brilliant young man who thinks he is stuck as a “gopher.” Three months after the program, he gets his first film deal. Today, he has two gophers.
  • We serve the hard charging career professional who “has it all” except meaning and purpose. She finds the life she was meant to have and has been living it ever since.
  • We serve the loyal employee who did everything by the book as the world changed around her, who realizes in just 48 hours, she has what it takes. She takes off. Now, she changes the world.
  • We serve the powerhouses who are always looking for a competitive edge and a richer, more satisfying life; the ones who come in the door to work on their goals and end up married and with children. We call it irrevocable happiness.
  • We serve the workers who have been on the market looking for “anything” only to realize that when they commit to their destiny, it appears.
  • We serve the career climber who realizes she will never be happy as long as she has to follow orders. She walks out of the room as a new business owner.
  • We serve the executive who’s been boxed into a corner until it dawns on him that a solution was always there. So, everyone wins.
  • We serve the Baby Boomer who just retired and wants a fresh and exciting new life. This is the one who walks in with “option paralysis” and emerges a community leader.
  • We serve the organizations that want a fully engaged workforce, where everyone is accountable for involvement, enthusiasm and collective support.
  • We serve the unhappy attorney who wanted to be a rocket scientist and ends up…a rocket scientist.
  • We serve that worker who got laid off and found his life’s work.
  • We serve the most discerning fans of human potential.
  • We want to serve you.

Join us for the last Inspired Work Program for 2105.

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