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By David Harder on January, 11, 2016

The Inspired Work Program (Los Angeles)

January 15 & 16 or February 20 & 21

How is your relationship with work?

From a time perspective, it is the biggest relationship that we have. So, big improvements in our relationship towards work impact every aspect of our life – positively and richly.
The Inspired Work Program illuminates the opportunities inherent in that relationship and makes the journey so personal that each participant transforms his or her life.

What will happen to your life when you answer the questions that lead to the big answers?

And, as the world continues to change, what happens when you have the very process that allows you to make the best use of change, to surf rather than get caught in the waves?

“I was on a plane on 9/11 flying over New York. My wife and I moved the family to Los Angeles right away. The west coast had tugged at our hearts for a long time. I got here without a job. After encountering Inspired Work, everything fell together. For the last ten years, I’ve been on the cutting edge of work in the media and technology industries. I get to work with brilliant people. I come home to my children with a big smile on my face. My kids emulate me because they love what they see and I love my life.”

Larry Schwartz – SVP – Max Sound Corporation

The Inspired Work Program offers an immersive, effective, safe and straightforward experience.

Over the course of two days, we take participants into a learning experience that demonstrates what an ideal relationship towards work includes. Everyone signs a confidentiality agreement. After brief educational introductions, we take the participants through a series of questions. They are written into participant workbooks and answered. The questions are elegantly linked together in such a way that a painting emerges.

No one is pushed to disclose what they are finding and yet, many choose to discuss their insights to get feedback from the facilitator as well as become even more clear with aspirations and challenges. Clear vision and change emerges on the first day. Clarity about bringing those visions to life come together on the second day.

The results are unique, often unexpected and, always life changing:

  • In the last 25 years, over 3,000 of our participants launched businesses for the first time.
  • Over 11,200 made significant improvements within their existing jobs.
  • Over 17,800 transitioned into new positions more quickly and with greater satisfaction.
  • Over 8,500 found new positions that were far more suited for their happiness.

“My husband and I attended one of the first Inspired Work Programs in the early 90’s. John had just lost an executive role after 20 years. He worked for a bank that was imploding. He was very worried about finding a new role in his 50’s. By the second day, everything changed for him. He stood up and announced he had loved the art world his entire life. Now, he was going to put his energy there. John passed away eighteen years later. Every day, he walked out the door with a smile on his face. He accomplished and built so much in those years. He found his life’s work.”

Kerstin Morgan – New York Life

Come join us at The Luxe Summit Hotel in Los Angeles.
Discover the next chapter in your life and bring it home to the ones you love!
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Please note:  Space is limited to 20 participants – enroll early.