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By David Harder on August, 10, 2015

The Shocking Failure Of Our Political Candidates

We watched last week’s debate – who could miss it? Regardless of party affiliation, the event offered far more entertainment value than anything else.

Trumps statements were expected. But, my lowest moment relates to what is coming out of candidates mouths on both sides of the fence:

Marco Rubio made a promise that voting for him was voting for “the future.” He went on to give an example of that future by condemning Amazon for having no stores. All the candidates are making empty promises about jobs rather than telling the American people that it is time to reinvent, educate and change. We have the greatest talent pool on earth. But, promising obsolete jobs is patronizing, undoable and lowers the probability of Americans taking right action.

Truckers represent the #1 job held by men in this country. Right now, Daimler is testing driverless trucks in Nevada. I don’t think we are going to order drone strikes on Jeff Bezos or Daimler. But, we do need leaders giving explicit messages in how much we need to reinvent our lives. There is an equal need to reinvent the dialogue. For example, the United States is the most profitable provider of outsourcing in the world. But, that truth doesn’t rally voters. Victimhood does and it is a poisonous motivation.

Earlier this year I wrote an article on how 3D printing is changing manufacturing as we know it. In fact, this one innovation can do more to bring manufacturing jobs back to America. But, the technology will also eliminate millions of jobs. It is natural to grieve what gets finished. However, in the midst of the chaos of change in how we make a living, we need leaders telling us the truth. Even better, we need leaders inspiring us to take responsibility and change.

America has the greatest single talent pool in the world. Like so many challenging issues facing our people, change in work has reached such a fever pitch that appeasing voters on this topic will lead to greater unemployment, obsolescence and by extension, economic peril.

Reinvention and change is frightening. I know people can change – quickly. I’ve watched the phenomenon over 40,000 times. Many of the  people that come to our programs are educated and know how to spot trends. Almost all of them navigate through discomfort in with change and to reinvent themselves in splendid ways. However, I am most concerned with the many individuals who don’t understand what is happening, who don’t have access to great mentors and whose livelihoods are most threatened due to ever increasing change. These are the individuals that are most impacted by a leadership vacuum that resolutely panders to hope rather than action.

There is good news!

For those who do make that leap, for those who let go of obsolete work standards such as “predictability and survival” many find a world that is far more exciting and fulfilling. Trading in our old standards for learning and growth leads to a world where we can be more human. Many find that what they wanted to do earlier, are now empowered to do.

It has been said the truth will set us free but first it will piss us off. Perhaps our political leaders are saving the truth for after the election.

Thus far, history has proven that most of them will forget about it.

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