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By David Harder on February, 6, 2015

This Relationship Might Need Your Attention

The quality of the relationship that we have with our work impacts every other relationship in our lives.
When we began helping individuals transform their relationship towards work, many participants came to us to elicit one big change in their work lives. Some wanted to define what they were born to do. Others hoped to elevate a career transition into a turning point. It was 1990 and several men dying from AIDS also participated wanting to get the most out of time they had left.
I learned so much from everyone who walked in our doors.
I learned that time is finite but many of us waste our days in the illusion that we have all the time in the world. The problem with that equation is that it delays our greatness in return for a delay in having to deal with any form of change.
Inspired Work offers a process that changes people’s lives.
Once someone experiences the kind of change we offer there is no going back to mediocrity. We find that after fundamental internal change happens we approach new revolutions in our future with greater and greater confidence. We also increase our capacity for joy. Since work occupies most of our waking hours this relationship represents one of the biggest indicators of whether or not we are happy.
As many of you know, I have been studying employee engagement intensively. If we can get most anyone to engage with his or her life in 48 hours, why is engagement so elusive out in the realworld?
The biggest missing ingredient in engagement initiatives is they don’t show individuals how tochange themselves. I witnessed that most everyone wants to change but a great many of us don’t know how to do it – especially in ways that offer immediate and practical rewards.
In 1971, Alvin Toffler predicted that today’s culture would be caught in such a tsunami of change where most people would be shocked and unable to move.
In all of the research I’ve been immersed in regarding engagement I have realized that my mission is about something different than simply creating engagement within organizations.
My mission is to create engagement within our lives.
When we get people on the right track, we help them find new and updated purposes in life, we give them the tools that illuminate their options and we give them access to a support network comprised of 42,000 enthused graduates.
Mostly, we help people realize that predictability and survival are but an illusion and that real security, the currency of today exists in the exciting world of growth and change.
The fact is all of you have the capacity to grow and change at such an extraordinary rate that you can bring the lives you really want into reality far more quickly than most of our imaginations will allow.

How do I know this?

I have watched it happen thousands of times.

It also happened to me:

I am the child who grew up in a violent home who moved to Los Angeles with minimal self esteem to study music who was almost shot to death near USC who lived in fear and who worked for years in staffing with common ambivalence.

Today, I sit at my desk today looking at the Pacific on one side and the Santa Monica mountains on the other. I am surrounded by love in my home, my family and throughout my professional community. I get to watch miracles happen every day. I get to grow so quickly that life is routinely exciting and wonderful.

I know because I am one of our success stories.

All the best,

President & Founder

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